Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pet Shops in Kuching Sarawak

Here is a list of several Pet Shops Located within Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia.

1. Amazing Pets, located at Rock Road, Kuching.

2. Amazing Pets, 2nd Shop, located at Tabuan Heights, Jalan Song

3. Golden Fish Aquarium and Pet Accessories, located along Rock Road, Kuching

4. Pets Mart & Hobby Center, located along Jalan Ong Tiang Sui, Kuching

5. Kuching Pet Center, located along Jalan Keretapi, Kuching

6. Jay Pet Station, located along Jalan Sekama, Kuching

7. The Animal Kingdom, located at Palm Road, Kuching

8. Home Pet Care, located at Jalan Wan Alwi, Tabuan Jaya, Kuching

9. Pets Paradise, located at R.H Plaze, BDC, Kuching

10. May's Pet Corner, located at Jalan Stutong, Kuching.
Hope this compilation helps you all find a Pet Shop near you. Do let us know if there are any newer ones or some that we may have left out.
Lastly, if any Pet Shop owners like to update their pictures, contact, address, etc, kindly drop a line or contact us at:

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Ah Pek said...

Hmm... will be in Kuching this weekend, other than pet shops, any good watering holes around town?

Casey and Peanut said...

ah Pek: Hi Ah Pek! welcome to Kuching :) There are many good hang out places in Kuching :)
1. Not far from Harbour View Hotel & Star Cineplex, there is Bla Bla & The Junk .... big portion (western dish) .... also, opposite Star Cineplex... Green Hill Cafe, serves good Beef Noodle yummy ...
2. Further down, after Ting&Ting supermarket... San Fransisco Grill... our favourite .. nice music (live piano) good western dish
3. At night at Open Air down town ... siow bee, beef noodle & kolo mee ...
4. At Padungan (China Town) Many good places to hang out, to chill and have drinks ... Tao, Bings, Memories, Soho, etc... for food, can try Cafe Davide, Hong Kong Noodle House ... economical and yummy... China Town, plenty to see and dine in the afternoon and nite time)
5. For upper class, Senso in Hilton is worth it ... nearby can try Gelato Ice Cream (Scoops), and Eagle's Nest (drinking place ... dont really like ..)...
6. Lastly, out of town would be Isabela ... new, Jambu, Magenta, One Tree Hill, etc ...
7. OK ... too long d, soooo many !!.... dont forget Sarawak Laksa, Kueh Cap & Kolo Mee ..... :) hope that answers your questions ... have a great & fruitful time :)

somethingwrong said...

wow, a lot of pet shops there. i can't easily find one in penang. lickly i dont' have a pet.

christy said...

nw im staying at kch wif my frens. I plan to buy a small dog, which is easier to take care of it...
the smaller the size of the dog, the better.
(not exceed my budget= Rm 700)
any suggestion which type of dog, and where to buy?

Casey and Peanut said...

Hi Christy, thanks for visiting Casey and Peanut.

1. Good Small size Dogs: Shih Tzu, Chi Hua Hua, Dachshunds, Terriers, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer,Pomeranian

Why the above good: Smart, low fur shredding and relatively easy to house train.

Small dogs are also know as "Toy Dogs"

Also bear in mind .... Dogs with logger furs / hairs ... needs trimming evey 2-3 months (rm40-70 per trim)

Pet shops are usually more expensive, for pure breed, can go for rm1000.00

Cheaper alternative is local bredder, rm400-rm800

Cheapest is sunday market .... can sometimes find chihuahua ... but becafeful ... may have some physical defects .... best advice, go around and find the dogs the you have some strong feelings with ... for a start and ask lots of questions ...

all the best

Snowball Darling said...

hi, i just came across and saw ur casey. i used to have tis dog but unfortunately i lost her in april tis year. Me extremely sad with tones of tears and still very hurting til today. since then, i have been looking for her again but very hard to find tis breed again. My friend ask me to keep other breed but i insist to keep her cos i believe with the strong feelings just like what u said. most of the shi zu i found are black n white or brown , cannot find the pure white one. TQ,,,,,

ashikin othman said...

Hai, can u suggest good clinic in kuching for spaying my cats? and the range of price for male and females. really appreciate if u can help me