Friday, October 12, 2018

Things To Consider As You Choose An Orange County TX Doggy Daycare

By Jeffrey Howard

Most pet owners face challenges when it comes to deciding where to take their pets when traveling for a holiday or work related trips. A doggy daycare facility is one useful option they can utilize in such situations. There are a number of dog care centers in Orange County, TX where you can leave your pet when traveling. However, the difficult task is finding the best dog care facility for your pet. The following are vital tips to consider when searching for the right Orange County TX doggy daycare.

One of the things to consider is safety. Ensure that safety is given a priority in the facility you are intending to take your pet to. The environment where the dogs stay should be clean and well sanitized. It is wise to inquire if the facility is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and at the end of the day. You should also choose a facility that has proper fencing and gating. The floors should also provide dogs with a better grip to prevent slipping.

While visiting a doggy daycare, it is essential to get to know if the pets are separated. Good daycares keep dogs apart depending on their play style, size and temperament. This helps in ensuring that the pets are safe and minimizing the likelihood of dogs being injured.

Another factor to deliberate on is the ratio of humans to dogs. Many states recommend that one person should care for fifteen dogs. Good daycares may have one person caring for ten dogs supposing the dogs are highly active and one person caring for twenty dogs if the dogs are less active. Avoid choosing a facility where one person cares for twenty dogs.

You should also find out whether a facility allows dogs to participate in various activities. Ask about the type of activities your dog will be taking part in all day during the period it will be there. It is also good to ask the managers of the facility whether they provide additional services like dog training, grooming and overnight boarding among others. This will help you know whether the services that your pet needs are available.

Finding out whether the staff members of a doggy daycare are trained is also important. Find out also how experienced the members of staff are. Good staff members are friendly to dogs and provide them with the best care possible.

The other important thing to consider pet is how a doggy daycare facility handles emergency cases. Inquire how it can deal with emergencies that affect one pet or all the pets in the facility. Knowing that a facility has good emergency plan can give you peace of mind because you will be sure that the well being of your pet will be taken care of.

It is also sensible to ascertain if a facility has accreditation from a national dog association and is insured and bonded. If you select an insured facility, you can be sure of receiving compensation should anything happen to your companion animal in the course of its stay there. You can take your companion animal to doggy daycare that satisfies most or all of your desires.

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