Sunday, September 16, 2007

Silent Cries - A Book About Animal Welfare In Malaysia By Malaysian Author; Angeline Chin

Silent Cries - A Book About Animal Welfare In Malaysia By Malaysian Author; Angeline Chin.
  • Ms Angeline Chin, started by contributing articles mostly on issues regarding Animal Welfare to the local Malaysian newspapers.
However, she soon realized that, there isn't any book that highlight this issue available in Malaysia just yet. There are many imported books on animals care, mostly on pedigrees.
  • Sadly in Malaysia, society despised strays (mostly non pedigrees) and it is really disappointing considering that they are as intelligent and even more sturdier than most pedigrees.

Ms Angeline Chin's passion and love towards animals have brought her to do an extra mile for them.

She said;

"If you follow the stories and articles on animal abuse and treatment in our country (Malaysia) you will understand how devastating and heart-wrenching it is."
  • Silent Cries started out as the SAVE ANIMALS book project, and its objective is to promote animals’ rights awareness and responsible pet ownership in Malaysia through education.

Silent Cries (synopsis):

  • Silent Cries comes in a form of a handy book that not only contains true stories from the animals’ perspective, but also contains valuable information about caring for a pet, fun quizzes, interesting facts and recipes, and also interviews with real people and celebrities who have pets.
  • There are also real case pictures of abused animals and many more.
  • This first publication, concentrate on issues that are faced by two most popular household pets in Malaysia, cats and dogs.

You can read more here

How to Purchase the book?

Currently, Silent Cries can be purchased online via MPH and Kinokuniya, or you can also get it from any MPH, BORDERS, Kinokuniya and Popular bookstores in Malaysia at RM39.90.

Special Deal for Casey and Peanut Readers

Ms Angelina Chin had contacted us,.... and Readers of Casey and Peanut can buy the book at a special price of RM25 by via e-mail (kindly email to: )

(Note: Delivery within the Klang Valley is RM5, and RM7 for delivery outside this area (Sabah / Sarawak.) International Delivery will be quoted in USD - please email to for further info and quote Casey and Peanut.

Lastly, Ms Angeline Chin has generously offered to donate to SPCA for the first 500 books sold.

So, dear Readers, please give your fullest support.

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Johann The Dog said...

That's great - hope the book is very successful! Woofs, Johann