Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Tribute To Momo (A Fine Westies Dog Breed)

This post is dedicated especially to our Friend from Indonesia Nick & Carla. Their dog Momo (A Westies dog Breed) past away during the Hari Raya Break, sometime around mid October, 2007.

  • (Kindly note that the images of Westies are not Momo, but were taken from Wikipedia as reference only)

    To all dog lovers, especially Nick and Carla, we feel for you and know how much it hurts. Dogs are so much apart of our lives and are like our babies. I am sure most dog lovers will agree that, the hardest & saddest thing about owning a dog is the eventual fact that, dogs like humans, cannot live forever .....

    Nick and Carla are genuine dog lovers. they used to have seven dogs, now left five.

    1. Danillo (A Chihuahua Dog Breed) - Daniella' s Father (Deceased)
    2. Momo (Westies Dog Breed) - (Deceased)

    Current Dogs belongin to Nick & Carla are:
    1. Zuzu (Bichon Fries Dog Breed)
    2. Cherry (Pug Dog Breed)
    3. Bella (Bassett Hound Dog Breed)
    4. Jessie (Poddle Dog Breed)
    5. Daniella (Chihuahua Dog Breed)

Here's a tribute to Momo the Westies Dog Breed.
West Highland White Terriers, commonly known as Westies, are a breed of dog known for their spirited personality and brilliant white coat. They are friendly, good with older children, and thrive on lots of attention. Westies, like most terriers, have plenty of spirit for a dog their size. This breed is commonly recognised through its use as a mascot for Black & White (a brand of Scotch whisky), and on the packaging of Cesar brand dog food. Moreover, the West Highland White Terrier has appeared frequently in broadcast commercials, three examples being Target fashion outlet, Mondo fruit drinks and Kraft Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese.

  • Appearance
They have bright, deep-set eyes, as dark as possible, with a penetrating gaze. The ears are small, pointed and erect, giving the animal an alert ready-for-anything look.[1]
They typically weigh about 15 to 20 lb (7.5–10 kg) and their average height is 11 in. (28 cm) at the withers. Their tails, typically naturally "carrot-shaped", should never be docked and are held upright. The tail should be between 5-6 inches.
They also have deep chests, muscular limbs, a slightly convex skull, a short and a closely fitted jaw with scissors bite (lower canines locked in front of upper canines, upper incisors locked over lower incisors.) Their teeth generally appear quite large for the size of the dog. Their ears should be held more or less upright, but not pointing straight up; it is essential for any dog to carry themselves properly when showing. Westies have a very strong bone structure for their size.

  • Temperament
The breed, descended from working terriers, has a lot of energy, tenacity, and aggression towards its prey, which was originally the rabbit and other smaller animals, such as squirrels. This history has endowed the Westie with a bold temperament that leads many to call them "big dogs in a little body." They are always alert and consider themselves guard dogs, although their size prevents them from providing any real intimidation. As with any dog, if seriously irritated or provoked they may respond with a growl, though this is rare. If the tail is down and ears are back, keep away. They may be eating or chewing a favourite toy. They are very possessive of their belongings, master and food.
They are great companion dogs and get along with other animals, although care should be taken when introducing them to other domestic pets, such as cats. They also are compatible with children. Since Westies were originally bred as hunting dogs, they need to have room to run and play. They are recommended as apartment dogs. If traveling they make great companions, since they can adjust easily to new situations and people and because of their small size. Westies will appreciate two or three walks each day.
They are very energetic but tire and need to take several naps per day. Like all dogs, the Westie responds better to love and gentleness than to cruelty. As with most terriers, harsh training methods are often met only with stubbornness. Westies are good with children, the elderly, and the disabled, and love to play.

Westies are by no means a good choice .... that's our tribute to Momo the Westies and espcially to our friend from Indonesia (Nick & Carla)

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