Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stephen Ng Ling Fung, 3 years 11month of age, Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

Dear Readers.....

We received an e-mail today, regarding Stephen Ng.... we have checked the validity of this case by calling Singapore East Shore Hospital today (Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 11.30am) and they said that this case is a geniune case.

It is indeed sad that at such a young age, Master Stephen Ng was diagnosed with a diffuse Pontine Glioma (a malignannt brain tumour arising in the brainstem).

This kind of brain cancers only account for 10-15% of all types of brain cancer in children. The cause of this cancer is still unknown and it is rather unfortunate that the cancer sits on the brainstem where essential bodily functions such as heart beat & respiration are controlled. Therfore, surgery and biopsy is too risky.

For now, the only mainstay treatment for Stephen will be combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy (via drug taken by mouth).

This treatments are very costly but essential to prolong survival for little Stehphen Ng. The estimated cost may be way above SGD21,000.00 (treatment only) not including daily expenses of accomodation, etc.

So Dear Readers, if you are able, kindly give a helping hand and support to help the the family of Stephen Ng

Please contact:

Ms BONG Tze Tze at: +6 019-8292890 (International) or 019-8292890 in Malaysia

or Ms Hon Mui Moi at: +6 082-699079 (International) or 082-699079 in Malaysia.

if u need further clarification.

Do lend a helping hand if you have the means ..... if not, do spread the word.

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Ehon said...

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