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Always Turn To Reputable Find TICA Ragdoll Breeders

By Ruthie Calderon

Nearly every home has some or other pet. Many can be exotic such as snakes, monkeys, spiders and even bearded dragon. Many however prefer to have those that enjoy a cuddle such as dogs and cats. At TICA Ragdoll breeders one will be able to find a beautiful and placid cat just waiting to receive a cuddle. This breed of cat is larger and tends to have a muscular and firm body as well as having large bones. Their legs are also slightly longer than the normal breed and the males have been known to reach as much as twenty five pounds in weight. The females are slightly lighter and reach about twenty pounds. They do however take longer than normal to reach their true size which is around three years.

They have long fur and it tends to get longer over their back legs. On the front legs they are a little shorter and they also have quite a few guard hairs as well. They come in large varieties of colours from shaded, smoke, mitted and bi- coloured.

Their name seems to have come from their disposition as they will become very limp when in someone's arms and will just flop around when getting a cuddle. They are very affectionate and many have been known to having been dressed up in dolls clothes and carried around without even a slight protest. Some of this breed has even been taught the game fetch and many say that cats keep unto themselves which in this case is not true.

Deciding on a breed of cat can take time as each breed will differ when it comes to grooming as well as special needs. When finding a breeder they must be able to guarantee that the cat or kitten is in good health and is free of the Feline Leukaemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Once the animal has been adopted and taken home it should be taken to one's own vet for a thorough examination.

Anyone who has had a cat will notice that they love to roll around on the grass or carpet and then expose their belly. This is them showing that they are not afraid and feel confident around a human and in some cases other animals as well. This is another display of affection for those that are in their proximity.

Another way that affection is showered upon someone is when they bump their heads into ones legs or any other part of the body. This term is called bunting and a way for him to leave his scent behind. They have scent glands on their foreheads, cheeks, in-between their toes, tail as well as their lips. When they rub themselves on one it means that they are identifying one as a part of their family.

If one loves to be around felines and would like to become a professional cat groomer more information can be found on the PCGAA website. This stands for the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America and they have a curriculum especially designed to fine tune and sharpen ones abilities when dealing with cats. They will be able to show one on how to tackle those challenging felines as well as giving insight, experience and offering humane techniques in handling those difficult clients.

They claw for different reasons such as for comfort in times of stress or fear and it also provides exercise. It is a way for them to stretch the muscles all over their body. Another reason they do this is too ensure that their nails remain sharp and healthy.

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