Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finding Reputable Chinese Created Breeders

By Francis Riggs

A Chinese Crested dog possesses a small structure that should be purchased from reputable and experienced breeders. The puppies must be healthy and represent the best possible genetic lines that include socialization and veterinary checks. Chinese Crested breeders must meet with a number of requirements as it aids in finding litters that are best representative of the particular breed.

In the search for Chinese Crested pooches, it is important to determine whether you will have the time and finances to provide for the long term care of these dogs. Once you are knowledgeable of its needs, it is important to assess whether the pup will be required to be placed on show or as a family pet. Canines that are raised for show purposes must adhere to strict conditions for structure and specified features.

Chinese Crested dogs can be purchased in two particular varieties and includes the hairless and the powder puff line. The hairless is not completely bald, but possesses a few hairs that should be neatly trimmed or removed where applicable and includes tufts on the ears, tail, and over the feet. A powder puff includes a soft, sleek coat that can be groomed regularly to support healthy hair growth.

One must take not of the fact that there are differences in the dental structures for each line. The hairless dogs can have a few teeth missing that serves as an acceptable option as pets or when in show, but the powder puff should not have any missing teeth. In consultation with a reputable and well recognized breeder, it is important that dogs are correctly bred and healthy.

Once you are ready to move forward with the purchase of a pup and have decided on a suitable seller, it is best to examine the quality of the breeder and ensure that health checks have been completed. The breeding parents must not include any type of disease or poor health that can lead to the improper formation of the pups and pass genetic conditions down. Having a thorough vet check completed can assist in the development of healthy pups and breeding pairs.

The puppies must be thoroughly assessed by a veterinary professional to ensure that genetics are maintained and health standards met. The puppies should be genetically tested to prove that hereditary abnormalities are not carried over from the breeding pair to the litter. The Chinese Crested bloodline must be maintained with sound practices and ensuring that healthy measures are applied.

The breed can prove strong against daily rigors, but should visit a veterinarian on a regular basis. The average life span of this breed is 15 years and relies on a quality diet, exercise, and measures that protect the health of the skin and coat. A complete professional examination of the eyes can aid in the early detection of ocular problems that are often associated with the breed.

The gentle nature of the Chinese Crested dogs makes for favorable family pets. Having routine health tests performed will aid in detecting problems before it becomes extensive. Searching for an experienced and reputable seller can aid in sourcing well bred and balanced puppies.

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