Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Dog Boarding Lexington Has Grown

By Elaine Guthrie

It is always crucial to know what to know what to do with your pets should you be traveling, for example. This is where people turn to dog boarding Lexington. Pets are important to people, and in most cases they are like an extension of the family so finding the right type of place and people to look after them is obviously something that one would want to look at.

This will obviously depend on the dog because some animals are more easy going and are happy anywhere they go. Others only want to be with the family and this can be very tricky because it can be tricky leaving them on their own. One has to look around for the right person who is going to look after the dog.

This is why a lot of people turn to family and friends because they feel that they can trust them. However, this is not always the right thing to do because they have their own lives and they often forget to take the dog for a walk or to take care of it in the way that the owner does. It is often better to turn to the professionals.

A pet sitter is someone who lives off the property and will come and visit the dog a couple of times a day. Not everyone likes this option and they will tell you that there is some risk attached. There could be danger which the dog can't cope with. Dogs like company all the time and they may get lonely not having anyone there.

A lot of people tend to go for the more affordable option of kennels. Many dogs are happy with this, although owners don't like to see their pets in cages, but people who work there treat the dogs well and give them lots of attention. They are only there because they enjoy working with animals. There are even some volunteers at these kennels.

It is important to plan ahead and make sure that dogs are taken care of and you have the right person to look after your pet. Many folk simply take the dog with them on their vacation. They think that they are doing the right thing, but dogs don't enjoy such long trips in the car. They may even find that the dog is not allowed to stay at the hotel.

When looking for a pet sitter or someone who is going to be there on a permanent basis, you should make sure that they have references. Word of mouth works well, and most people have been through this before so you are more than likely to find someone through a friend. You can also find a service through a vet. There are a lot of these services in Lexington.

If you have a puppy, it is especially important to make sure there is no way for him or her to escape. If they are unfamiliar with someone new on the property, then fear may creep in and they may want to escape. Make sure that there is fencing and enough wire so this does not happen. Have the pet sitter come around a couple of times before so that your pet can get used to the new person.

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