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How To Pick The Best Labradoodle Chicago Breeder

By Jana Serrano

Buying a dog is normally a special moment for many people. Maybe you want to surprise your child or your partner with a special gift. To ensure that you get the right dog you are looking for and one that can make a good pet, it is advisable that you search properly and conduct thorough investigations. When you need a labradoodle Chicago breeder that offers quality puppies, consider the tips below.

Look for someone who is committed to the job. People whose interest lies solely in making money will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals. However, this will leave consumers suffering because of the poor quality of products and services.

It is recommended that breeders use bitches that are suitable for breeding purposes. This requires that they are selected carefully to ensure that they are in prime condition. The best age is between two and seven years. If the mother is either too young or too old, the quality of the puppies will be affected. Therefore, insist on knowing the age of the mother at the time the pups were born.

Ask how many litters the mother has had. Professional breeders ensure that they produce quality puppies by using the best bitches for the job. Therefore, it is recommended that a bitch used for breeding should not have more than four litters. Moreover, there should be at least 12 months between the litters to ensure that the mother regains its health.

Check the genetic records of the puppies. It is important to confirm these data to ensure that you are getting a true labradoodle. Confirm that they can produce the original KC documents. The veterinary papers should also be availed upon request. This way, you will know that you are dealing with a genuine individual.

When you receive your puppy, you will need to continue with vet visits and administering other medications. Therefore, the breeder should provide you with copies of all the health records. This will help you know the deworming schedule and the requirements that you have to meet to ensure that the pup leads a healthy lifestyle.

Ask about the generation. There are many advantages of buying an F1 generation. You will get a coat color that is characteristic of a labradoodle. They are also stronger genetically because they have the genes of the first lie parents.

The generation is important because it could have significant health implications. Moreover, you will notice that dogs of the first generation have characteristic coat color, which is lost as the generations increase. Sometimes, back-crossing is done to improve the quality of the coat color. If that is the case, then it should be indicated.

When buying a dog, ensure that you follow these guidelines. However, remember also to ask if the poodle tests have been conducted. Poodles have various genetic problems that they could pass on to their puppies. However, if they are tested and these problems are identified, the breeder will ensure that only the desirable characteristics are passed on.

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