Friday, July 24, 2015

Learning From Dog Obedience Trainers In Boulder CO

By Elaine Guthrie

If dogs are not trained properly, then they can be one of the most stubborn of all domesticated animals out there. Now not everyone knows how to train dogs properly which is why there are professional dog obedience trainers in Boulder CO. These professionals are experts at handling dogs and they can train canines to be more obedient.

Now do take note that dogs, if trained properly, will be able to take any command given to them by their masters. However, it is not so simple to train a dog because dogs cannot speak the same language as humans. It is because of this that there has to be some specific techniques applied.

Now the very first thing that the trainer would teach people would be how dogs perceive sounds. This is very important because animals obviously cannot speak English or any other language for that manner. This means that they will respond to the tone of the voice of their master to know if he is angry or happy.

So with this, it is very important to use the tone of voice to condition them to know when one is angry. Trainers would teach their clients how to use the tone of voice in order to tell the canine that they are angry or happy. The clients would actually learn how to properly scold the dog without scaring him or making him more hostile.

Other than the tone of voice, it is very important to make sure that non verbal communication is consistent with the non verbal. Now dogs are actually quite perceptive and can judge whether a human is angry or happy based on non verbal communication. So in order to make a canine listen, one has to make a domineering pose which will make his pet obey.

Now when a child is doing something that he should be doing, he is punished. The same thing can be applied to that of dogs as they would also respond the same way that children would do. The way to punish a canine would be to just give him a light slap on his mouth if he would do anything that he is not supposed to be doing.

Of course aside from that, it is also very important to give some positive reinforcement as well and not all punishment. Now the master should reward his pet if his pet obeys the command of his master. The master should probably just give his canine a small biscuit or any treat that can be eaten by animals so that his pet will know if he did the right thing or not.

Now of course there are many more techniques that these trainers will be trying on the dogs. Now in Longmount CO, there are actually a lot of these experts who would help out clients for a fee. They would first condition and discipline the dogs and then would teach the masters how to handle their dogs after that.

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