Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What Makes That Adorable Puppy A True Standard English Cream Goldendoodle?

By April Briggs

When Goldendoodles first came on the scene, they were a wonderful combination of two breeds, including the Standard Poodle and the Golden Retriever. Breeders and families alike enjoyed the new breed because it turned out to be intelligent, good with children, and they did not shed. These qualities made them very popular. The color was usually light gold, and there were often puppies born with even lighter coats. But responsible breeders will tell you that you must watch for the real deal when searching for a cream colored true English bred dog. Here are some tips to help you.

Keep in mind that not all light white or creamy colors mean that the puppy is pure bred. There are many breeders who advertise any of their lighter colored Goldendoodles as being pure. But to get a true standard English Cream Goldendoodle, it must be bred from a blood line that comes imported from European countries. Some come from Spain, others from Holland. Checking the pedigree will tell you where the parents are from, and the ancestral line.

Checking for height is a key to knowing if the puppy will be the correct size. Twenty two inches is average for standard, seventeen for medium, and about fourteen for small. The parents will determine many of the heights for each member in a litter of puppies.

Kennel owners who know their bloodlines will classify their puppies for sale with letters such as F1, F1B and so on. The letters tell you the percentage of poodle or retriever is present in each litter. Before you buy, ask for a complete description and explanation of what classification is appropriate for your puppy.

Top breeding establishments will prepare your doggie for going home with you far before it is time. Each litter will be trained for potty skills and good behavior. The best ones take time to socialize each dog, so that it can live in the human world successfully. Though they are smart, English creams can be a little stubborn, so initial skill development sessions are preferred.

An experienced vet typically will inspect any newborns at a high quality kennel. They will perform any tail clipping, worming, vaccinations and first health checks. Using pain medications and proper equipment with appropriate antibiotics is best for any pet.

The vets should also perform removal of the puppies initial claws, known as dew. Awful stories of poor removals using pliers or other mechanical equipment are prominent in the kennel world. This type of pain can be avoided when professionals do the procedures. Avoid purchasing pets from establishments that do not coordinate these services with veterinary doctors.

The very best breeders always offer the combination of certification, care and concern for their English Cream puppies. They want theirs to go to good homes after having the right start in life. Before purchasing any dog advertised as the authentic thing, have a discussion that addresses these issues.

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