Friday, August 21, 2015

Facts You Have To Learn About Private Party Valet Parking

By Ruthie Livingston

There were parties that ought to present ourselves with formality. It can be a grand birthday celebration, a magical wedding or any private event. And we always want to look and appear good to every people there. But we can only appear one if we did not have much trouble during our way to the event.

In attending a celebration, we often use the things that will make us comfortable and those that are convenient to us. In those event we want to arrive with less struggle by using the most convenient type of transportation which is our personal cars. But sometimes upon we arrive we spent so much time looking for a space to park our car. And there was the time when private party valet parking in Detroit enters in the picture. They gave services that allows you attending the celebration without any hassle. But how are they really properly used. The following are facts on how you should use them and how significant are they especially for those who owns cars.

In facing them, though you are the customer you do not have to feel high and mighty if you want to have a perfect service. You should give them your full attention so that there will no misunderstandings between the two parties. This is the common part why customers does not get the right services because they do not give their full attention reason why they often not understood the valets.

Approach the loading zone properly. You are not the only one one who brought a car therefore respect others by not being rude to them. Drive slowly into the loading area. You have to pay attention to every car out there to prevent causing damages. Also wait for the valets signal on when do you get out from the car. Wait until they tell you to do so.

When it is finally your turn, stepping out in your vehicle properly is a must. Women are suggested to wait for the valets to open the door for you. But be considerate too, if you think that the circumstances would not allow them to do it for you then better do it for yourself. Be attentive too this time, because they will tell you about those payments, where to pick your car and about the closing time.

You may also inform them about the condition of your vehicle. Telling them is not necessary at all but this can be an advantage if ever your car really has a problem then maybe they will treat it more carefully. They will take note about those information.

After the event you may pick it up right away using your ticket. You must hand it to the right person to prevent yourself from any delay. You must not be rude too if sometimes it takes them time because this is when they are all pressured.

Next thing is watch for your vehicle. You may check if there is something wrong about your car and if none then you are good to go. This is the time where you offer the valets your tip. So consider the care they gave your car.

After handing them your tip then you are free to drive away. But be careful in pulling your cars. This is important to keep the safety among the other vehicle and the other people.

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