Saturday, August 29, 2015

How To Identify Friendly Alternatives To Elizabethan Collar

By Daphne Bowen

Dogs and cats are known for scratching their injuries and wounds. They instinctively lick and bite such areas hence causing delays in the healing process. However, you can do better than reward them with clumsy and uncomfortable cones. Here are some alternatives to Elizabethan collar you can explore.

The first substitutes to the infamous cones are the BiteNot necklines that are much more comfortable for your pet. They are made from plastic and foam materials as opposed to hard plastic and are a more suitable than the hard plastic devices. They will allow your puppy to perform daily activities like eating and drinking while preventing them from running into objects. A little discomfort may still be felt by the animal though.

Secondly, there is the ProCollar. It is much more comfortable than cones and plastic necklines and allows your injured pets to eat and drink. You can get this alternative in six different sizes designed for either your dog or cat. The material used also does not cause irritation or rashes to the pet. However, it provides minimal protection.

Another worthy substitute you can go for to ensure that your dog remains comfortable is the Comfy neckline. These devices are made from a mixture of nylon and foam making them both lightweight and flexible. They allow you to provide supervised freedom to your cat or pup with their removable strays. This ensures that the animals can eat and drink normally even with the band around their neck.

Kong EZ soft collars look like cones but, of course, provide more comfort. They do not scratch objects they get into contact with and can be adjusted using drawstrings they come with. You can buy them in five different sizes depending on your needs and can be machine-washed. Most users say that these products stay on the neck well and more appropriate to use than the traditional products.

Still, you can get a boobooloon, which is an inflatable medical device to increase the comfort level of your pet. They come with strips to ensure they stay in place and can also be deflated for easy storage. Your cat or pup also gets good peripheral visibility to minimize chances of accidents. The device is comfortable, lightweight and also comes in different sizes. Additionally, you can easily take them on and off.

An optivisor or Novaguard is great when visibility and hearing are most important. These protection devices are a great option when you need to leave the ears and eyes of the animal exposed. They allow the animal to drink and eat comfortably while protecting the face area. They are more appropriate to use when your pet has suffered injuries in the area around their face.

E-collars have a bad reputation for the discomfort they cause to puppies and cats. This is a problem that e-fabric lapels seek to solve through providing softer alternatives to the traditional cones. They offer the pets the much-needed freedom of movement while preventing them from accessing injured parts. With all the mentioned alternatives, you have no reason to cause trauma to your pets anymore.

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