Friday, August 28, 2015

Know What To Do When Selecting A Dog For Your Lifestyle

By Daphne Bowen

Everyone wants to get a pet dog because these pets are some of the most lovable, adorable, and loyal animals that one can ever get. Of course one cannot just get any canine because his canine will have to be suitable for the type of lifestyle that he has. Now for those who would want to pick a nice pet, here are some things to note when selecting a dog for your lifestyle.

Now the first and most obvious thing that one would have to take note of would be the size of the canine that one would want to get. Obviously he has to know if the pet will be able to fit inside his house or not. If he lives in a big house, then he may actually get himself big dogs like dalmatians, rottweilers or even german shepherds.

Now if one lives in a small house or even maybe in a condo unit, then it is better if he gets a smaller canine. Now the reason behind this is simply that they will not take up that much space inside. Some of the more popular dogs to choose from would be the toy poodles and also pomeranians because they are very small and they will not grow that much.

Another thing to look at would be the energy of the canine whether it is frisky or not. If one is the quiet type who does not want to use his energy on chasing the pet around, then he should get a breed that is not very frisky. Some good breeds for this would be the chow chow or the pomeranian which are two very calm dogs that are actually quite low maintenance as well.

Now if one is a rather active type of person who loves to run around or exercise, then an active canine will be the perfect workout buddy. Some great exercise buddies would be the rottweiler or the german shepherd. These dogs are rather active and they will not mind running around with their masters.

Another thing to determine would of course be just how much hair the canine would have. Now there are times when one would have allergic reactions to hair or asthma which means hairy dogs are not for him. So the best types of dogs for him would be hairless ones like the chihuahua or maybe even a german shepherd.

Now if one does not have any conditions like these, then he may get hairy dogs. Some very cute hairy dogs would of course be the shih tzu or the poodle. These dogs may be a little hairy, but they are really cute and really loving which makes them very popular among dog lovers.

Now here are some of the things one should consider if he would want to get himself a dog. Of course there are a lot of dog breeders in Tulsa, OK who can advise people on how to properly choose a pet based on their lifestyles. This is the way to go about when choosing a pet so that the pet will have a happy home.

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