Monday, August 24, 2015

Pointers In Selling Standard Goldendoodles

By Nancy Gardner

Many persons love to keep certain animals as their pets. They may keep dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, or others. They usually feel happiness whenever these creatures will play with them or just with their presence. The individuals usually take good care of these creatures.

On the contrary, others are usually selling several pets to possible purchasers in earning money. They might be selling standard goldendoodles, a cute breed of dogs. A seller should be thinking about some things when he offers this dog for sale. With this, he could be gaining profit while the dog enjoys its new home.

First, the individuals should find good parents that will produce such puppies. They should look for healthy studs and dams. The studs are the male dogs while the dams are the female ones. These canines will usually mate at the right times. The breeders should provide them with all their needs, such as shelter, food, and water. They could also provide supplements to these creatures to ensure that they will produce healthy pups.

These persons should take extra care to the dams during their pregnancies. They must provide clean birthing spaces for them so that the pups will not acquire certain diseases from dirty surroundings. Once they give birth to the young ones, these breeders should take care of them, too. They should send them to veterinarians who will provide them with their first shots of vaccinations. They must only sell these pups once they reach eight weeks old of age.

This seller can be employing some advertising methods in letting his target market know about this sale. He could be putting up or handout fliers to others. He can even be registering with a certain website that allows the sale of this animal. The person can also be using his own social media account in advertising such sale.

Whatever methods would be utilized by these individuals, they must ensure that all information that prospective buyers need to know regarding the sales will be provided by them. Several photos of the dogs should be posted to get the attention of some buyers. Their contact information must also be provided so that these can be used by such customers to get further information asked from them.

After sharing these details, he will definitely be receiving calls and texts from varying persons who are willing to buy this puppy. The individual should not be automatically giving the canine to one. Instead, he could be screening a responsible buyer in ensuring that the animal finds a happy home. He must be asking related questions to the buyer before closing the deal.

Appropriate prices must be set by the sellers for those canines which will be sold publicly. A number of factors must be taken into consideration when such rates would be determined and set. Such prices are typically negotiated by some buyers. Limitations should be set for the negotiations by the persons so that losses would not be incurred.

Before meeting a new owner and turning this dog over, he must first be giving it a proper bath and trimming its nails. He must also be bringing its health record and giving it to the new owner. He could also be checking the condition of this puppy afterwards.

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