Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slow Feed Hay Nets And Advantages Of Using It

By Nancy Gardner

Different businesses exist everywhere. People could create and enter into ventures because of different reasons. Most of the time, it is to gain more profit. But others do it because they are interested in this particular venture. For example, this can be seen in people who have decided to open up ranches. You cannot say that there is constant earning but the operation is usually fueled by interest and love for horses and other animals.

Because of the big space of the entire ranch, it would be hard to manage everything even with the presence of many staff and ranch hands. To effectively manage these things, you should have a proper system for it. This should be done in everything including the feeding process particularly if you have several mouths to feed. Many owners have adopted various systems and made use of different devices such as slow feed hay nets.

The nets are utilize to contain the hay. The nets are usually used for feeding horses. But many animals who consume hay and grass could make use of this thing. You could feed them continuously without harming and creating issues for their health. Many ranches have been utilizing this for several years now.

The nets are used and wrapped around the hay and laid down in the ground so they could feed freely. This is what most farmers are utilizing these days. It could provide the staff with more benefits. Instead of growing grass needed to feed them and instead of actually providing them with their food supply every single day, it would be best to go for this for your convenience.

One of the issues you have to think about when managing bigger places is to always think about how to clean it. Laying down food without a proper container would create a huge mess as it usually scatters around. This means that you will have more work to take care from then on. The net prevents the food from going too far away and prevents the mess.

The normal way of feeding for cattle and horses is through grazing. This is when they directly eat the grass or the food from natural sources. When things are placed on the net, it would seem like they are grazing. The environment would be more comfortable and easier to live in. When this is what they feel, this will also improve their health.

Too much consumption of food is not always a good thing. This will not be good for their digestive system. Their stomach is not the same as humans. They have to digest the moment they eat so that it would not stay for long. Slow consumption allows for better digestion and avoidance of anything that might cause them to get sick.

They could also get respiratory allergies. Bronchial allergies are very common for them. And what causes it is eating too much and fast consumption of food which could be prevented through using hay nets.

According to experts, this process will help reduce the weight of obese animals. Being obese is a bad thing especially for horses. It will be the cause of different bone diseases.

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