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To Find Good Siberian Kittens For Sale GA Deserves Priority Consideration

By Daphne Bowen

Buying a Siberian kitten can be a challenging task especially for people who are not used to this breed of cats. There are many factors that one needs to consider when making a purchase that if not taken seriously could lead to bad choices that one may regret in future. There are many places one can buy these animals from. However, for the best Siberian kittens for sale GA is a good place to consider visiting.

This article presents some important information that one should have when setting out to buy a Siberian kitten. The first step one should do is to conduct some research into various cat breeds that are available. If possible, one should make a list of pros and cons they can live with in their choices. A list of pros and cons is an excellent tool to base on when interviewing breeders. How breeders respond to the question can inform one of their level of knowledge and honesty.

The cat also comes with certain health concerns for the owner and that should be taken seriously. The cat naturally sheds its coat once in a while during certain seasons. If that causes severe allergic reaction to the owner, it is strongly advisable to consider other breeds. If one experiences moderate or low allergic reactions, it is still important to discuss with a doctor to determine if the decision is worth the risks or not.

Health condition is of great importance. Information on health condition and measures good health is maintained should be provided by the breeder. HCM heart scans, DNA tests, and routine FIV and FeLV testing are some of the ways of ensuring good health. Minimum standards have been set by regulatory bodies to be met by all breeders. The kitten should be able to meet the minimum requirements set.

One should also ask for pedigrees on the kitten. The breeder should be able to produce pedigree of the parents and copies of their registration. Without the paperwork, it is very difficult to determine if the cat acquired is pedigreed at all. If a breeder is unable to produce this information, one has to avoid them completely.

In the United States, good breeders register their litters with recognized associations. Examples of recognized associations include ACFA, CFA, and TICA. FIFe and WCF are the counterparts of ACFA, CFA, and TICA in Europe. Other associations also exist in other continents and they regulate and standardize the Siberians.

The breeder should also avail all information about the care the cats are given. In addition, they should also provide recommendations on what kind of care and food the kitten should be fed upon being purchased. One must also ask the breeder if the cat can suit in their home and way of life. That implies asking if they can live with the company of children, dogs, and other pets.

Finally, one must ask about the cost. Prices vary depending on location. In Europe, the cats are much cheaper compared to the US because they are available in large numbers. One has to compare prices among various breeders before making a purchase.

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