Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What To Take Note About Dog Cone Collar

By Ruthie Livingston

According to experts, you should think about adopting pets when you are prepared for the responsibilities that you will be facing. This is one thing you have to be aware of since you have to take care of them all the time. It is just like taking care of a baby. So if you cannot be certain you could take care of your pets, it is best to put off this plan for later.

Those who have suffered from various conditions and illnesses have to be treated. Others have to go through surgery and various operations to help them get cured. This is also the same when they get into accidents. When they are finished with the procedure, you should help them protect their wounds so that it would heal. A dog cone collar will be perfect for the job.

Some alternatives could be use so that they do not have to wear this. But according to experts, this is the most efficient way for you to protect the wound. At times, they feel uncomfortable about it and result to biting it all the time. Because of this, it would not heal as fast as you hoped it would be. To prevent this from happening, you will need this.

Many dogs do not feel comfortable when they have something around their necks. So you could expect them to always be irritated and because they are not very used to it. Many owners have to let it sit for several days and weeks before they can finally calm down and be comfortable with their current state. They would also need your support in this.

But other owners and certain situations do not allow other owners to even try it out. For example, this would not be best for bigger dogs. Since they are stronger, it is easier for them to remove it. They could use strength or their size. Because this could be done too easily, you should think about purchasing new ones which can be very expensive and frustrating. So this should not be the choice to utilize.

The cone covers the head which makes it hard for them to see or even bite around itchy parts. But this could not work when the wound is in their front feet or paw. They could easily reach for it. See which particular part of their body is affected before deciding whether this is the best option to use or not.

During the first days that they are wearing this, you can be sure that it would be hard for them to adjust. They will surely be uncomfortable. As the owner, you should try to help them be comfortable to it. This could also mean that you have to suffer with them since their behavior might be different during these times.

But if your dogs are still not at ease after several days or a week, this might be a good time to think about alternatives. Other instances when you can consider alternatives is when they are doing various damages to the entire place in the hope to remove the cone. Once you see that your pets are already breaking things, you should start asking for other options.

Some individuals and owners try to make use of neck braces. Others cover the wounds through the use of used clothing. These might be good options. However, you must take note of its limits so that you can be certain they are protected.

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