Saturday, September 5, 2015

Information On Hay Nets For Horses

By Nancy Gardner

Hay nests are usually used to feed horses within the field. They occur in different forms and sizes, but all with the intention of providing hay for the bucks. They are usually made of tough materials as they are usually pulled violently as the horses extract the hay and also they are usually under immense pressure when hay is loaded in them and left to hang. Hence, to be in a position to take care of your Turks, you should be in a position to have knowledge on hay nets for horses.

When the animal feed in hay mesh, they get the same tactile sensation as when they eat in a natural area. This is because of the nature in which the tulles have been made that allows the horse to pull the hay from the tulles while feeding. These webbings have over time proved to be efficient despite having their shortcomings.

What makes these hay web more efficient is their economic nature. Using these tulles will help you save capital from buying other mesh over a short period of time. This is attributed to the fact that the meshwork have been made in such a way that they can be suspended from the floor. This prevents contact with the ground and the bucks have a very minimal chance of stepping on them.

Feeding the mares from the nets is a way of prolonging the time which they will take to finish the hay. This method slows down the Flowage intake of the bucks and this has a health advantage to the horses as it improves the gut health of the animals.

The advantage that also comes with using the hay web in feeding colt is that it helps in regulating the amount of hay fed. This helps in knowing the amount that the stallion require in a single day and therefore helps a big deal in reducing the amount of hay wasted.

Despite the benefits that come with the webbings, they also have their impediments. One of them is the hard fiber used in making them. This material may over time injure the horses teeth. This is an effect cause by the pulling action during foraging. The bucks can also get their mouth injured and as a result its feeding pattern will be altered.

Another disadvantage of feeding colts through the hay webbings is the possibility of the mesh posing danger to the life of the animals. As the animal feed, they may get entangled within the meshwork. This mostly may happen if the nets are not suspended from above. The colt may then panic and in the process of trying to free itself from the net, it might bruise itself or even worse fracture its bones.

Having discussed about the advantages that comes with using the hay web nets while feeding stallions, we have also discussed of the disadvantaged that come with the same use of the nets. It is therefore upon the horse owner or the keeper to ensure that the webbings are applied as needed in order to avert some of the awaiting disasters.

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