Monday, September 7, 2015

Methods Of Dog Obedience Training Castle Rock

By Janine Rhodes

It is simply making the dog to follow your commands. It normally includes coaching on the basic commands like stay, run, sit and come. There are two methods of dog obedience training Castle Rock. One is negative reinforcement. The materials used here are choke collars and electric shockers. The best way to train your pet is by positive reinforcement. The trainer teaches dog obedience by using simple clickers and rewarding behavior.

Negative reinforcement only instills fear in these animals. The animal will fear you and the others. The dog defends itself with aggressive unpredictable behaviors. It will adopt bad behavior like barking unnecessarily, biting and destroying property. The reinforcement is not long term. In city Castle Rock, CO, effective training should result in predictable and repeatable behaviors.

Coaching by positive reinforcement will create a bond that lasts in a lifetime. Most of the owners make use of clickers. They are the most effective. In this coaching, a tool named clicker is used. It works by telling your dog the moment it performs correct and desirable behavior. They make a sound that signals that a dog was right.

It is even more effective when a person combines this sound with other ways of positive reinforcement. These include verbal praises. In a short while, the pooch learns desired and correct behaviors. They will learn behaviors like sitting, fetching, staying, speaking, heeling, attacking, rolling over and other desirable tricks. You will be in a better position if you seek advice before embarking on the coaching. Experienced individuals will give you the tips.

It is advisable that one makes these sessions part of their daily activities. This greatly helps the dog in knowing your expectations. They will cooperate with you. It is even more effective when you schedule these sessions before meals. They will be more motivated. Every dog has unlimited attention in cases of chasing cats and balls. They may also lose focus when doing these activities. This is why you should make these lessons brief. There will be more engagement and attentiveness.

This actually seems different from other forms of coaching. Punishment like hitting, yelling or time outs are more harmful to the dogs. They cause your pet to be stressed, destructive and fearful. A good trainer fixes the bad behaviors by simply rewarding the good behaviors. Actually this takes longer but the rewards are good. The skills learnt will last. You do not have to continue retraining them every day.

It is good for every dog owner to purchase a clicker. On pinching it, clicking sounds will be produced. Actually it is not simple to use them. Ensure that your dog gets the sound well. They should know that its purpose is to reward good behaviors. If you click at the wrong time, it will not be able to know the association. Try to be accurate on the practice.

This form of training is very important for dog safety. It ensures that your dog does not learn wrong behaviors like lugging on leashes, attacking people and begging people to give it food. They will not also adopt aggressive tendencies.

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