Thursday, September 3, 2015

Suggestions On Choosing A Labradoodle In Chicago Area

By Daphne Bowen

Before choosing a family pet or a service dog, owners should take time to study the characteristics of the desired breeds. All puppies are cute, but selecting a dog should be based on what the adult animal will be like. A type of dog which is skyrocketing in popularity is the Labradoodle. It is a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. There are some good reasons for the growth of popularity of this crossbreed. Here are some of the details about a Labradoodle Chicago pet shoppers should consider before making the final selection of a family pet or service dog.

The history of the breed began in Australia. Wally Conran deliberately crossed a Labrador Retriever and Standard size Poodle in 1989. He was in charge of the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. The purpose was to develop a guide dog suitable for owners with allergy problems. The result was Sultan, who as sent to Hawaii where he worked out so well that other breeders tried to duplicate the success of the cross.

At present, there is a wide range of results coming from Poodle and Labrador crosses, or between two Labradoodles. The consistency of conformation and other characteristics has not yet been achieved. Some people with allergies choose the Doodles, thinking that they will avoid dealing with shedding, only to find that it is the dander which causes the allergic reaction. The Poodle coat requires attention to trim and brush, and many owners find that a burdensome task.

Training with these intelligent and eager-to-please animals is usually easy, although the natural exuberance may lead to unintentional injuries, particularly with young children. Because of the intelligence, however, this crossbreed is a great pet for a first-time dog owner.

There is a wide color choice in this breed, since the parents have a range of colors as well. The dog's coats are available as Hair coats, which tend to shed and is not as popular as the other two types. A Wool coat is thicker and, as the name implies, feels like the wool of a lamb. The Wool variety of coat is not as dense as the Hair variety and doesn't usually shed. The third variety is a Fleece coat which has been likened to Angora goat wool. The non-shedding types of coat should be brushed regularly and trimmed to keep it under control

An aspect of Labradoodle health is their ears. They are prone to ear infections. The owners should make sure that ears are clean and dry, especially after swimming.

There are several crossbreeds in the "Doodle" family. Breeders in two Australian associations are trying to standardize the characteristics so that the designer breed can be recognized as a registered breed. Much multi-generational breeding must be done to ensure that the characteristics are standardized and breed true. The popularity of the breed is likely to continue growing, so long as healthy animals are selected from responsible breeders.

Generally, a Labradoodle is a pet that works for many families. Care in picking a dog from a breeder who cares about the quality and health of the puppies will lead to positive results. The puppy will be socialized into the new family more easily.

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