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Teacup Poodles Bred In Dallas TX

By Shawn Hunter

Every potential new pet owner will be looking for very different characteristics in their new canine companion. Each breed possesses a unique set of personality and character traits so it is important for interested individuals to do a bit of preliminary research in order to find the best match. When looking for tiny dogs in Dallas, TX, teacup poodles may be a great option

This is not an officially recognized AKC category for size in this particular breed. It is a term that generally relates to puppies in the Toy division that fall on the extremely small side of the scale. They are usually four pounds or less and average maybe six inches high at their shoulders.

In general, this breed is a highly sought after household pet because of their high intelligence and friendly nature. They are great with children and other pets and though not usually aggressive, they can be very protective of their family. Actually physically attacking or biting someone is unusual, but they will bark in a threatening manner.

A condition referred to as small dog syndrome is common among these tiny pups when the humans involved with them do not exert their dominance. They have natural leadership tendencies because of their elevated intelligence so if the Alpha position seems to be vacant, they will quickly jump into it despite their diminutive size. Both the adults and children need to give commands firmly and with confidence if they expect to have the animal's respect.

As well known symbols of high society, fifties fashion and circus entertainment, these are among the most easily recognizable dogs. They sport fur that resembles the wool of a lamb and is commonly groomed in styles that give them the classic look of being shaved or closely cut except for the puffs left on their ears, tails, heads, chest, hips and ankles. They sport a boxy shape and a haughty and arrogant posture.

Pups may be born in a variety of colors. Solid coated dogs are usually uniformly shaded in either cafe' au lait, champagne, red, blue, brown, gray, silver, black or white. Those belonging to the groups, Tuxedo, Parti or Abstract will have two or more of these tones combined in specific patterns or ways.

Easy training is one thing that makes this a very attractive breed to many potential pet owners. The animals are eager to learn and take commands quickly, executing them with great proficiency. This strong obedience tendency is one thing that made them desirable in a variety of fields such as personal companions, retrieval specialists, performers and as service canines.

Dogs in this size category are not suitable as outside pets but they can be perfect for apartments and small homes as long as they get the daily opportunity to have supervised playtime and regular walks. Prior to adopting one, an individual should feel confident that they will be able to devote enough time to them since they are quite social and crave attention. Being informed of the animal's general needs and tendencies can make the adoption process much smoother.

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