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TICA Ragdoll Breeders Give Information On Ragdoll Cats

By Shawn Hunter

If you conduct a survey on home pet, you will find out that the dogs and s are on top of the list of domesticated indoor animals. As much as millions of people loved dogs more than felines, there are still people who favored the s over dogs. They are tamed animals which have been kept as pets. Ancient Egypt kept them for pet, just like Cleopatra.

If you ask people why they dont like them, they would tell you that felines are not friendly and just do not care. However, one breed of feline has been known to have a liking to humans. What make them distinctive from other breeds are their gentle and friendly characteristics. If you are an owner of this feline, you will notice that it loves to follow you, play, cuddle and greet you once you reach home after being away for hours. The large, cute, blue eyed tabby is easy going and smart. The TICA Ragdoll breeders have been generating hybrid felines for years.

Ann Baker in Riverside, California has bred the Ragdoll feline in 1960. She chose three different felines, the Persian, Burmese, and Birman, to mate with Josephine, the original matron of the modern Ragdoll felines. This is the reason why they have a placid and relaxed nature.

Unlike other breeds, this type of breed can easily coexist with different kinds of animals, as well as children. You can play and dress them with cute little clothing, without fearing that you will get scratched. They play with the kids well. Most importantly, they do not destroy the things in the household.

They are often compared to dogs because they are extremely friendly and intelligent. The full grown male can weigh as much as 20 pounds, while the female can weigh at about 10 to 15 pounds. They can live for 12 to 15 years.

Their patterns make them different from each other. They have 4 patterns, the pointed, mitted, bicolor, and lynx pattern. If it has a pointed pattern, you will notice a dark coloring on their nose, paws, tails, and ears. The mitted is just the same with the pointed pattern, but you will see that the tail and abdomen are white, with a belly stripe from its chin to the genital area. You can recognize the bicolor pattern by its white abdomen and legs. What makes this pattern unique is the inverted V on its face. The lynx pattern shows dark lines all over its body. You can see that the coloring of the inside of its ears is white and its nose is brick colored.

Taking good care of them is not difficult. It only needs combing at least once or two times a week. It does need regular bathing, only when it smells awful. Brushing its teeth is also needed so that the chance of developing periodontal disease is reduced.

We all enjoy giving treats to our pets. However, you must be cautious because they can easily suffer kidney diseases, which can ultimately lead to death. Do not feed with it with salty. It is also a must to bring them to the clinic so that the vet can easily monitor the risk of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It can cause the heart walls to thicken. It can suffer this disease as early as their 6th month and dies in their 3rd year.

The color and pattern can dictate its price. If you are planning to purchase it as a pet, you have to wait for at least 12 weeks before the breeder can turn it over to you. By the 12th week, it has already stabilized its health.

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