Friday, September 11, 2015

Why Buy Cavachon Puppies For Sale In Your Town

By Nancy Gardner

Being a dog owner is being part of a huge community. There are so many breeds to pick from. It doesnt matter whether you have a pure breed or a mixed, because you will love and care for it just the same. Taking in a pet is like having another child to care for. Its a lot of responsibility.

Theres lots of mixed breeds available to buy. Cavachon puppies for sale in MN are one example. They come from a combination of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles. Together they produced a cute little ball of fur. There are no more snobs now. Just because it is not pure bred, it doesnt mean its a bad breed.

These dogs are quite small. Fully grown they will only be about twelve inches. A lot of people would prefer small dogs. There was a time it was fashionable to carry your pet around in a bag. If you dont have much space, a smaller dog would be good for you. Also if you travel a lot, it would be easier to take a small dog than a huge one.

Their coats are soft and wavy. They come in different colors. From tan and white to black and white and there is also all white. They are said to be hypoallergenic but in some cases people extra sensitive will have a reaction.

This is not suitable to be a guard dog for two reasons. They are small and they aren't aggressive. This is a good option for a pet for a child. Usually they would get along with any other species of animal that you have in your home.

Exercise for them is not a problem. They are energetic but not hyperactive like other breeds. You can deal with the extra energy by playing games and running around or just a daily walk. Giving your puppy exercise is good stimulation and they can explore and learn.

They require a lot of tenderness and attention from their owners. They can grow to be close with their human friends. They could be loyal companions to have. When they still are young you need to be careful because they are so small. So treat them gently.

When you select one to buy, make sure that they look outwardly healthy. Gums should be clean and pink. Ears should be pinks. Eyes should be clear and bright and they should be showing curious and excited behaviour. Small breeds that are hairy will have problems with their ears usually. So keeping the ears clean every week and checking for infections is necessary. Always keep your vets number ready in cases of emergency. There are preventive measures you can do to minimize the likelihood off ear or eye problems.

If you buy one of these breeds, know that they have lot of hair. That means you need to keep it clean and brushed because if it is not regularly maintained, it will become matted. They also do not cause allergies to most people. That is a major plus when choosing to buy one. Since they need to have proper care for their hair, be prepared for the grooming bills. You could also do it yourself and just have a groomer do the trimming a few times a year. Being a dog owner is not always easy. It requires dedication and commitment because they become as close to you as any other family member.

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