Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dog Training Tips Revealed

By Wol Jensen

These are some effective dog training tips that when used properly, you can train your dog to sit, come when called, stop barking and others. These tips will help you obtain fast training results that will last with your dog and also establish a strong bond between you and your dog.

The first in our dog training tips is that you must win your dog's mind. What does that mean? It means your dog will look at you first before making any decisions. There are 5 golden rules to training a dog. If you have not won your dog's mind, then training will not be easy.

These dog training tips are very effective and without them you probably will not succeed at training your dog. You will need to get the first tip right and establish yourself as the pack leader, because you have won their mind.

Dog training tip number two is to motivate your dog. Understanding what your dog likes and doesn't like when it comes to play or exercise and what rewards they enjoy, so training can be enjoyable and effective. If you make the dog training enjoyable for them, you will get better results.

The good thing about each dog, is that they have their own favorite behavior such as swimming, going for walks fetching a ball and many others. Knowing what some of their favorite behaviors are can then be used in their training.

All dogs like food as a reward. Dog biscuits or dog treats are commonly used for rewarding your dog for good behavior. Giving your dog verbal praise, cuddling them, or petting them are also good methods of rewarding your dog.

If you are fair with your dog when training them, you will achieve better results. A great reward is giving them affection, because what dog doesn't like affection. Do not reward them with food after each lesson learned, but when rewarding with food, vary the type of food. Also, do not let them see the reward before they are done completing the task.

Dog training tip number three is practice. Keep training them on the same task until they can learn it. reward them after as task done right by them. If you get your dog motivated, you will not need negative training methods.

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