Sunday, June 12, 2016

Alternatives To Elizabethan Collar And Their Description

By David Sanders

Pets are just like people wherein we learn to love them so much as if we could treat them as part of our family members. They are animals so it is normal for them to be playful in nature but just like us, they also need treatment whenever they face certain accidents or injuries. Normally, the cone of shame is likely to be placed around the neck of a dog which has wounds for its healing process to go quickly.

What slows down in having it healed is when a pet shall lick and scratch every injury because they have the urge in doing it. That practice ends up with more bad results which was why it has to be stopped. In some cases, letting them wear Elizabethan collars does not make them feel comfortable and even for us people, it would be bothering to have that. As an essential tip for individuals that need help on this matter, here lays some alternatives to Elizabethan collar and their description.

A way of lessening that hindrance of neck is using a pillow that is inflatable and this comfy product is called a ProCollar premium. What actually gives them access in playing, eating, or drinking is by utilizing these plastic products. That means no rashes and irritation shall be experienced in their neck.

Another alternative which looks different from the cone already is a BiteNot. Soft materials will definitely give good vibes which is why this was created with plastic and foam and the best part is it looks just like a necklace. These are not large in size too which means they shall not be hitting on objects since that causes accidents on faunas that use big cones.

Another comfy alternative, which also provides protection, is something that is made by combining nylon as well as foam. In fact, this is also easily removable whenever your pet needs to eat or drink. In addition, it has its reflective fabric which makes your pet to be safe while it is outside during the night.

Kong EZ has its perks too because of its ability in imitating certain shapes or functioning like other collars. It is very flexible because of being adjustable and that was made possible by the drawstrings. Maintaining those is just very easy because placing these on the washing machines already do the trick.

Giving comfort to higher levels of these faunas would be products called the Boobooloons. Every Velcro strip can help in the stability. They will not be somehow blinded with their surroundings because this prevents accidents via boosting the peripheral vision.

TCOA E fabrics bring a better function unlike each cone that were used by most people before because these are much lighter. Your pet is free to move around. There have been lots of sizes available in stores too.

Novaguard and Optivisor seem to bring discomfort but these have its perks on certain conditions. The benefit is that their sense of sight and hearing remains clear. However, clear plastics cover around its face.

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