Wednesday, June 22, 2016

For American Bulldog Puppies For Sale Oklahoma Is Worth Visiting

By Cynthia Green

The attractive qualities of the American bulldog makes many Americans to own the breed as family pets. The categorization of the breed places it into two types, standard and bully. The breeders of the respective types are responsible for the names bully and standard. The standard variety was created by Alan Scott whereas the bully type was created by someone called John Johnson. When there is need for American bulldog puppies for sale Oklahoma should be the location to pay the first visit. Oklahoma is home to some of the most qualified breeders in the United States.

The appearance of the breed is stocky with large heads and a well-built body. Coats are short and smooth and they shed lightly or moderately. Although they are light to moderate shedders, regular brushing is needed. The coat is historically white with brindle, red, and/or black patches.

Many color patterns have emerged over the years, including fawn, brown, brindle, black, and red. Various colors are acceptable for this breed, but solid black and merle are a cosmetic fault to most regulatory bodies. Most bodies disqualify the blue color. Eyes are typically brown in color, with most other colors viewed as cosmetic faults or disqualified. The bully type drools more than the standard one.

The standard type is usually lighter and smaller when compared to its bully counterpart. However, the muzzle of the standard variety is longer and the name performance type is sometimes used to refer to them. They have heads which are more square in shape. Most bulldogs of today are hybrids formed as a result of interbreeding between the bully and standard type. Pure standard and bully varieties are owned by a few organizations and individuals, making them hard to find.

These dogs weigh a lot. The weigh range for the females lies between 27 and 41 kilograms while that of males is between 27 and 54 kgs. The height from the ground to the withers of males is about ninety centimeters. Some individuals rise higher than that height. These attributes place the American bulldog among some of the largest dog breeds.

In general, the breed has a confident, active, and social temperament. They appear at ease and relaxed when they are near their families. They are highly emotional and will require a lot of attention from their owners in most cases. Young puppies have problems being around strangers, but with proper training and socialization, they learn to behave well. Early socialization is very important for the breed in terms of its future behavior with people and other animals.

A typical individual can live between 10 to 16 years old. The animal stays healthy, physically active, and string throughout most of its lifespan. Some genetic lines are prone to certain health conditions. Other conditions are present throughout the breed without regard to genetic composition.

Some examples of health conditions affecting the whole breed are neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, bone cancer, elbow dysplasia, ectropion, hip dysplasia, ACL tears, and cherry eye. The presence of certain health problems can be screened through DNA tests.

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