Thursday, June 16, 2016

Give Your Feline A Little Training Through TICA Ragdoll Breeders

By Steven Hamilton

A ragdoll is a breed of at that is affectionate, and they are best known for their long furs and sparkling blue eyes. These felines usually like to play with kids, since the young ones can carry them in their arms. They can easily adapt to any household that offers them shelter.

Ann Baker managed to develop this breed in the early 1960 from her pure white feline called Josephine that played the role of the mother, her seal mitted cat called Daddy Warbucks, and her solid black feline called Blackie. Her seal mitted was bred with the daughters of Josephine. Thus, they gave birth to the breed of Ragdolls, and as their popularity increases, the demand for TICA ragdoll breeders increased.

These cats are known for their happy, loving, and laidback composure, and they resemble a stuffed toy when kids cuddle with them. This feline breed and dogs are being with each other because of their intelligence and ability to mingle with other animals. Children are enjoying the company of this cat, since they allow their owners to dress them up according to their preferences.

Their fur texture is relatively similar to a rabbits, and it only requires a small volume of shedding that only takes place during spring and fall. This specie has a gleaming blue eye which comes in various designs, such as the color point, mitted, and bicolor, and their coat shades is described as seal, red, cinnamon, cream, chocolate, lilac, and blue integrated with different patterns. The color point are easily known for their furs are not shaded by white.

The mitted ones usually have their front feet imprinted with white genes, and this marking makes them look like they are wearing mittens every time. The bicolour felines are characterized by the white splashes on their backs. It usually takes four years for a single Ragdoll to reach full maturity, and the male ones weigh between 7 to 9 kilograms, while the females on the other hands weigh between 5 to 7 kilograms.

With eyes that are filled with emotions, they bring out their sweetest personality hiding inside them, and their soft curves that makes them different from the other groups. Huge efforts are necessary to keep their fluffs well maintained, so a frequently scheduled combing is good to minimize dead hairs and entanglements. The furs underneath their armpits becomes more hampered due to the shredding period drawing near.

The International Cat Association, or TICA, gives guidance to humans fond of cats by providing them with licensed breeders that sees to it that their feline health and needs is being attended to. The group equips their trainers with efficient discipline and knowledge in this field and for them to earn the public trust. The knowledge imparted to them could benefit an owner, since they can provide guidance and assistance in taking care of their cats.

Having to discipline a Ragdoll would flow fluently with the trainers around to guide and assist the humans. They are guided the code of ethics constructed by TICA. A guilty violator would be dismissed from their posts as a breeder, so while knowing this, the owner is at ease.

Owners can have easy access to breeders near their location through the official website of TICA. Independent trainers and cat lovers can also use the site as a platform for advertising their products and services, as long as they are approved by the organization. Since TICA is the biggest group offering these services, an owner is assured that they offer services that are efficient and reliable.

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