Sunday, June 19, 2016

Potomac Horse Fever & The Impact Of PEMF Therapy

By Robin Setser

When it comes to the biggest variables associated with one's quality of life, weather is one of the most striking. I am sure that most people can agree, especially when it comes to animals, which is why it's worth discussing Potomac horse fever. Those who specialize in equine health understand what this condition entails, but what about the average pet owner? For anyone who falls into the latter, here is what you should know about the aforementioned condition and PEMF therapy to boot.

If you want to know what Potomac horse fever entails, you should understand its source to begin with. Its earliest cases occurred along the Potomac River, which is where the name of the disease came from. Another thing to know about PHF is that it occurs when the weather is warm. One of the tell-tale signs to recognize, by pet owners, is diarrhea. When horses experience this, they lose the hydration they need in order to live.

Diarrhea isn't the only symptom associated with PHF, though, as you'll come to know. As a matter of fact, horses might experience fever and laminitis, not to mention other signs of comfort that can lead to long-term health implications. As a result, pet owners should take it upon themselves to learn about the ways in which it can be treated. Fortunately, PHF is not an illness without its remedies, provided you seek help as soon as possible.

As you might imagine, PHF can be helped, provided the right strategies are set in place. One of the most common, according to companies the likes of Assisi Animal Health, is oxytetracycline. This antibiotic, in addition to certain anti-inflammatories, will be able to improve your pet's condition in the long term. There's also the possibility of PEMF therapy for horses, which can reduce pain in the short term. Make sure that your consult your veterinarian to learn about it beforehand, though.

To put it simply, Potomac horse fever does not have to be experienced for long. Even though it's an unfortunate condition that can affect horses, you can clearly see that there are ways to remedy the issue. It's simply a matter of researching the matter on your own, before going to a local vet to see what can be administered, PEMF therapy or otherwise. The sooner that you seek treatment, the better your pet's quality of life will prove to be.

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