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Things To Consider Before Responding To That Ragdoll Kittens For Sale Sign

By Betty Robinson

You may be in the market for a pet or a feline companion right now, and that is why you are reading this article. You may have stumbled upon a ragdoll kittens for sale sign and this has aroused you interest. In fact you may be thinking of getting a kitten. Before you do so, please read on in this article to find out more about this feline breed.

The name ragdoll describes its characteristic of becoming suddenly limp whenever someone picks it up. In fact it acts like it has no muscles at all. The cat comes in a variety of colors from hues of reds to blues. All of these cats have standard blue eyes. They can get quite heavy in later years, with males reaching up to 20 pounds and females 15 pounds.

Its docility and loving nature are the number one reasons that people will be attracted to this breed. It is these self same characteristics however that also put it at greater risk as well. Since they are quite docile, anyone can just steal them, and also will be subject to being bullied by other animals when in the outdoors. Thus it is best that this cat be kept inside at all times.

Water is one element that this cat loves. So therefore there are no problems in giving it a bath and grooming it. It may have problems with hairballs as it likes to lick its fur quite a lot. Expect it to shed more than usual in the spring months as this is the time it sheds off its winter coat. Matting is the main problem with its fur, so one should do a regular brushing at least twice a week.

Regular brushing cannot be underemphasized. This is because the activity assists in keeping the fur healthy and shiny through the proper distribution of skin oils throughout. The practice will also ensure stronger bonding between owner and pet

An adorable trait with this cat is that it loves to follow its owner around. Oftentimes it will try to sneak a nap on your lap when it has a chance. It tends to paw things rather than claw them and thus this makes for it being one of the safest animals to have around children. Due to this, there really is no need for declawing it.

This breed is also very long lived, so expect many enjoyable years with it. With proper love and care, your ragdoll can reach a lifespan of anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. Also ensure that it stays inside most of the time, to avoid it from getting diseases and infections from outside, and this will add to its longevity.

We have discussed this breed at quite some length and this should give you ample information for you to decide if it is the one for you or not. It is a good breed to have around as a companion and will give you many years of enjoyment. However, if needed do more research so as you can make a more solid decision.

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