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Things To Know About Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Tennessee

By Joshua Edwards

Companionship is something that humans crave for, whether it be with a fellow human or a pet. Most people, lacking the former, have chosen the latter. You could be one of these people in the market for a good pet to keep you company and give you comfort and enjoyment at times. So after reading the advert ragdoll kittens for sale in Tennessee it may have awakened your interest. Read on in this article for more information.

The cat gets its name due to its unique behavior when handled. When one picks it up, it will suddenly become limp and almost boneless, just like a ragdoll. All have the characteristic blue eyes but their fur color can range anywhere from red hues to blue ones. These cats can become quite heavyset in later years, with the males reaching upwards of 20 pounds and females 15 pounds in weight.

Although this cat is popular as an affectionate and caring breed, these traits may not be always to its advantage. This being the case, it can easily be picked up by strangers and whisked away. It should always be kept indoors also to avoid it getting into scuffles with outside animals. This cat is a lover, not a fighter.

This cat belongs to one of the rarer breeds that love to be around water. Thus it will not be a difficult task to bathe this cat once in a while. It needs to be groomed regularly though as the fur is prone to matting. Hairballs can sometimes be an issue as it likes to lick itself. In addition, be prepared for more than average shedding when it gets rid of its winter coat in the springtime.

The twice weekly brushing of its fur should never be missed. This activity is necessary for even distribution of essential skin oils that help maintain a healthy and shiny coat. In return, this activity will also increase the bonding between owner and pet.

Most owners will attest to the fact that this cat loves to follow you around and sneak a nap on your lap when able. Around children, one need not worry about this cat scratching them as they prefer to paw things rather than claw them when playing. You will need not worry about declawing this breed once you decide to own it.

Lifespan wise the cat of this breed is pretty much long lived. On average it can reach between fifteen to twenty years. One can extend this even further by being more careful with its activities and making sure it stays indoors a majority of the time to avoid infections and fights with other animals.

In sum this article has attempted to provide you with essential information prior to your purchase of ragdoll kitten. It is however advised that you should also research further into the breed and its other characteristics prior to your decision. Remember that you are not just getting a pet, but a companion for the long term.

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