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Things To Know Before Looking For Bengal Cats For Sale Florida

By Steven Lee

A pet is a great companion to have at home, whether this be a cat or a dog. You may be living in Miami, FL right now and your interest has been awakened when you saw a sign advertising Bengal cats for sale Florida. If you have a mind to acquiring this breed, then do read on in this article for some useful information to aid you in your decision.

The breed does come with either blue or green eyes, and they are all known for their characteristic rosette and striped patterns that are sported by snow colored or brown colored spots. Their fur can take on several shades of mint, silver or sepia.

Temperament can be an issue with this breed especially up to the third generation litter, since they are basically still wildcats. Always get a cat from a fourth generation litter or upwards so as to save yourself the headache and ensuring that you get one that is docile and less temperamental. Always ask the person you are buying from what generation the cat belongs to .

Bengals that have high domesticity traits will be extremely playful and would love to jump around a lot. Some of these cats have been to jump upwards of about four feet vertically. They also tend to love playing in or near water. Be prepared to give this cat a lot of attention for it does demand it.

Dander wise, the dander content of this cat is pretty substantial to cause most allergies to some people. This is true despite the fact that it does not shed as much fur as other felines. Thus one should not mistake this cat as being hypoallergenic as most people do of this breed.

In general one will always see the short haired variety of this breed as it is the most well known and recognized. However, long hair and semi long haired varieties do occur as happens during cross breeding. The longer haired versions are only recognized and registered in New Zealand as the Cashmere and nowhere else. Internationally this variety still has to be accepted as a recognized unique breed and the jury is still out on what guidelines to follow.

As this cat does love to be near or even in water, giving it regular baths should be no ordeal. It should be groomed at least of thirty minutes every week to promote good coat growth and maintenance. This weekly activity will likewise create a stronger bond between owner and cat.

In sum this article has covered some very basic facts that you may need to know before making that final commitment of making this breed your home companion. Definitely there will be other considerations to think about and further research regarding this is much recommended so as to give you a more informed choice and decision.

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