Sunday, July 3, 2016

Finding Royal Standard Poodles For Sale

By Carol Cook

A Royal Standard Poodle can grow to a height of over 15 inches at the withers and is considered a large breed in many coat colors including red and brown. The choice of owning one of these dogs should not be taken lightly and care applied to find the proper breeder for healthy, alert and clean puppies. Royal Standard Poodles for sale must be purchased from licensed breeders and awareness of what to look for in pedigreed dogs.

Poodles are well recognized for their beautiful stance and plush curly coats often shown in the ring and make for much beloved pets. These energetic dogs are naturally alert and loyal towards owners proving easy to train and often used as therapy dogs. Learning about the breed includes energy requirements, grooming and maintenance to ensure you are able to provide for the needs of the dog across its lifespan.

The next step to owning a Royal Standard Poodle is to learn about ethical breeders and practices to ensure that you are receiving a healthy and pedigreed pup. There are many sellers advertising poodles claiming to produce exotic colors and unique lines, but distinguishing the backyard breeder from reputable breeders can determine the quality and pedigree of your puppy. In the search for poodles for sale, there are a number of ways to find the right puppy for the home.

Poodles remain common choice among families who wish to own an alert and friendly dog or those who wish to place pets on show, but these dogs also possess hypoallergenic coats. For those suffering from severe allergies, it is important to determine whether the breeder is producing litters that have coats that are non-allergy dogs. These dogs do not shed as regularly as other breeds, but do require grooming to maintain skin and coat health while preventing against the formation of knots.

All breeders of interest must be registered with the relevant canine associations including the American Kennel Club or AKC. Proof of breed pedigree and authentication are provided for the seller based on genetic testing and measures to maintain a quality breeds. Implementing the necessary measures can assist in finding reputable breeders who are vested in providing healthy, well bred pups.

When looking for Standard Poodle puppies, it is important to use reputable websites, online directories or talking to vets and pet shops. The registered breeder will invest in a functional and modern website providing information on the availability of the next litter and searching for applicable buyers. For those who are interested in qualifying for a puppy, signing a waiting list provided by the buyer can deliver healthy puppies.

Health certification is important in the maintenance of healthy and pure bred puppies. The pets need to be examined by a veterinarian and have deworming completed. These steps will protect pups from exposure to disease and better prevent against inheriting genetic diseases.

When searching for a Royal Standard Poodle for sale, it is important to look for reliable breeders who are registered and certified. The experienced and reputable seller invests in the health standard of litters. Implementing such measures can prevent purchasing puppies with ill health and will provide a healthy pet for the family.

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