Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For Bengal Cats For Sale Alabama Is The Way To Go

By Roger Fisher

Choosing a kitten is often not an easy job like most people imagine it is. Choosing a kitten with the right temperament and character takes a lot of consideration. Cats range in behavior from being bold, aggressive, and fearful to being nervous and friendly. Many factor go into shaping the character of a cat, including level of handling they receive, experiences, place of birth, and parents. When considering Bengal cats for sale Alabama is a good place to start the search.

Experiences during kittenhood play a major role in influencing the personality of cats when they grow. If kittens grow in close contact with people, they retain the same friendliness even in adulthood. That makes them better companions and pets. Future traits of a kitten are developed during the age of 3-8 weeks. Their minds are open to new experiences at this time and if they are introduced to friendliness with people, they never forget it when they are grown.

Various aspects of the cat should be understood well before making the purchase. Information about the early life of the animal can be obtained from the breeder. One can call the breeder to ask about this or they may make a visit in person to the facilities of the breeder. The first factor one should aim to know is the experiences the animal had during the first eight weeks of its life.

This is a crucial period in the life of the animal. Good breeders ensure that their kittens have plenty of time to interact with people and other stimuli such as children, smells, noises, and other animals. The worst scenario is one in which the kitten was kept in isolation from all aspects of a normal human life. Such kittens will usually be frightened when they are moved into a new home where they have to interact with people and other animals.

Behavior is also influenced a lot by the genes. That means that offspring inherit temperament from parents. Friendly kittens are likely to have inherited that trait from their mothers. Personality in non-pedigreed cats is hard to influence because they mate randomly. However, one can determine the personality of the next generation among pedigreed breeds through selective breeding.

The breed of cat also determines the temperament. Personality varies from one breed to the next. Cats such as ragdolls are very docile and inactive while there are other breeds that are noisy and highly active. Some breeds need a lot of attention from owners. Therefore, the choice of breed can make anticipation of personality easy.

The kitten chosen should be in good health to guarantee their survival. One can check signs of disease or ill-health through visual inspection. Clues for ill-health include dirty ears, runny eyes and nose, and sores under the tail. Healthy kittens move easily, have bright eyes, and the coat is good-looking.

All necessary preparations should be done in advance before the kitten is brought home. Part of preparation involves buying food supplies and making a condo for the cat. It is important to inform the rest of the family about this decision in advance.

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