Thursday, November 24, 2016

Discover The Facts About Bengal Kittens

By Patrick Baker

If you are looking for a new cat there are things you will want to learn about the breed of feline you will choose. Bengal kittens are among the most beautiful and exotic animals. However, before you bring one of these felines into your life you should learn about the breed. It is important to understand temperament and behavior of these gorgeous animals.

This breed is a mix of the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard Cat. They are the result of breeding two kinds of feline together that began in the 70s and 80s. With careful attention to the breeding a feline was produced with the disposition of a domestic cat and the beauty of a wild cat.

One of the first things you will notice out this breed is the magnificent coat. It is not just stunning to see, it is smooth and soft to the touch. Their coat will also glisten in the light. These felines have to patterns to their fur, a spotted pattern and a marbled swirl pattern. Both patterns are a mix of three colors with a variety of shades that form the markings.

Bengal cats can be found in various colors. Silver, snow, blue, and brown are the most common of colors. The newer colors are chocolate, charcoal, and cinnamon. Snows are also known as Seal Mink, Seal Lynx Point, and Seal Sepia. Black and charcoal colored cats, known as melanistic, are also available. These felines are similar to a Panther in the way their spots are only visible in a certain light.

The Seal Lynx Points are from Siamese cat ancestry and their eyes are always blue. The Seal Sepia, will not have blue eyes, and has Burmese ancestry. With Sepia and Lynx Point genes, the Seal Mink can have eyes of any color. However, even though their eyes can be blue, they will never be the brilliant blue of a Lynx Point.

This breed is also larger than the average domestic cat. The male cats weigh anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds and females are 8 to 12 pounds. Some cats are heavier and others are smaller so there is no reason to be alarmed if yours is not in the typical weight range. These felines are very strong, agile, athletic, and slim. They have back legs that are a bit longer than their front legs which causes a slight arch in the back when they are standing a particular way.

Additional physical features of this breed include a small head in comparison to body size. The ears are also small and are suggestive of their ancestry. The ears will also have a patch of short fur that is shaped like a thumb. The thumbprint is similar to that of tabby cats. In addition, they have an M design on their forehead.

This breed of cat is quite mischievous but very intelligent and in need of lots of interaction to keep them occupied. They are very vocal especially when it comes to cleaning their litter box or food. They love to play with their human, love water, and are easily trained. If you want an affectionate, active, and entertaining cat, the Bengal is a good choice.

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