Friday, November 18, 2016

Finding A Purebred Cavachon Dog Breeder

By Margaret Scott

There are several things that may draw a person towards a preference for a certain breed of canine such as fur, looks, behavioral characteristics, and size. The stock from which a pup is bred, where it was born, and the conditions of its early days, can all have an effect on the chances that they will develop the desired features. All of these are factors that should be considered when seeking a purebred Cavachon dog breeder in Minneapolis, MN.

This designer breed is created through the breeding of a pure blooded Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Both of these are considered to be Toy breeds which means that the puppies produced will remain within the same size constraints. As a mix, the puppies should take on the common characteristics that both parents share, as well as many of those that each one exhibits individually.

Most dogs of this particular breed will be first generation, meaning that they are the direct result of cross breeding, which makes them relatively uncommon. This allows breeders to charge a premium price and there may be a waiting list to purchase a new puppy. If interested in adopting an older animal, contact one of several breed specific rescue groups for help.

One thing an interested individual should keep in mind when considering these puppies is that as a mixed breed, there is no set standard or guarantee that they will all have the same exact characteristics. There are generalized guidelines that are based on the most common results. This is one reason knowing as much as possible about the animal's origins is highly recommended.

This is considered a small breed as they only weight about eighteen pounds and grow to around thirteen inches when full grown. Their coats are thick and soft as silk, and may be either curly or wavy, though both are low shed and virtually free of dander, which makes these dogs great options for people with allergies. The coloring of the fur can be solid or patchwork, usually in tones of browns, black, apricot or white.

This breed is typically quite social and craves the attention of other animals or people, is sweet tempered, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, and loyal. They do have a lot of energy that needs to be spent via exercise, active play, or daily walks, to avoid manifesting as destructive behavior. The conditions in which they are bred can have a big impact on the development of these traits.

There are important questions, such as the extent of their experience working with this specific breed, the frequency with which the females are expected to produce a litter, are the animals documents, and their dietary plans, that should be posed to all considered breeders. A responsible service will guarantee the health of each puppy. One should also check their references.

One should physically visit the facility from which they intend to purchase their pet. Doing so provides the opportunity to actually see the conditions under which the adults are housed, how they are treated, and actively observe the socialization of puppies. It is important to see all of this because the pups' time here is crucial to their development.

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