Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Learn More About Cavachon Pups And Those Who Breed Them

By Jeffrey Reynolds

When some people come across the term Cavachon, they do not understand what it is. Cavachons are simply puppies bred from two different breeds mostly from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. The combination of these two breeds results to lovely puppies with admirable qualities that most buyers want. Although this breed has been known for about fifteen years, Cavachon Pups breeders are many today.

When it comes to maintaining these dogs, it is easy since they are gentle, exciting and playful. That means that they like being around people. If they are left alone, they will get bored since they do not like being left alone. Thus, if you are a busy person who is always at work, then you need not consider this breed. These kinds of dogs suit older adults better since they are loyal to these types of dogs and also not too busy for them.

The Cavachons have different characteristics for instance when it comes to coats. There are those that have soft curly coat while you find that others have longer or shorter slightly waved coats. The colors of their coats also differ. You will find that there are those that have peach, black, white and tan. However, the puppies do not only have a single color, but there are those that have even a combination of two different colors.

After the puppies are old enough, they are separated from their mothers. This helps the puppies to be able to socialize with others. Also, when the pups can socialize, they can as well be able to adapt quickly to the new homes. The separation in most cases takes place between 7-14 days. If the puppies get used to being next to their parents, then it can be very hard to sell them out later when they are so big.

A new dog in your house means a new family member. If you have adopted more than one dog, you need to understand that their sense of hierarchy is stronger than that of other domestic animals. They are eager to know which dog among them qualifies to lead the pack. They learn such things fast and get adapted to the new environment within a short time. Although these breeds are good outdoor time spenders, they do not require a large apartment and long walks.

If you have always been looking for those pets that are gentle and careful when dealing with your kids and other family members, then the Cavachons breed would be the right one for you. The good thing about them is that they do not bark often, not unless something is strange. They are not aggressive and will often keep watch and make you know in case of an intruder or another urgent case.

These puppies can weigh about 10-20 pounds and be 12-16 inches high. Most breeders do not like keeping the large puppies, but they enjoy keeping and selling the smaller breeds. Small dogs are known to be good companions and suitable for those who live in smaller apartments.

These puppies require regular maintenance if you really want to keep their health in topshape. In most cases you will find that they have eyes and ears complications. So get a vet to be examining them for any health problem that my arise.

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