Monday, November 28, 2016

Tips To Find Quality Breeders Cavachon Puppies

By Anthony Barnes

Many people find themselves attracted to a particular kind of dog because of factors such as breed traits and characteristics, looks, and special features. Many of these are highly dependent on the conditions under which a puppy spends the first crucial weeks of their life. Finding respectable breeders Cavachon dogs is much easier when one follows a few simple guidelines.

An individual interested in Cavachons should understand that not every person who breeds these dogs will have the same practices and standards. One's choice of breeding facility can become an important part of their decision. Knowing where to begin searching for a provider, and what to look for before making a selection, are two key points to getting the process started.

One of the best ways to get referrals for high-quality breeding facilities is through speaking with others who own dogs of this breed. These could be personal acquaintances, or those met through groups, and online forums where individuals can share their knowledge and experiences with others. This provides first hand information, and a human perspective about which providers should be avoided and which ones come highly recommended.

This is a designer breed, created by taking a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and mixing it with a full-blooded Bichon Frise, to create offspring that possess the most desirable qualities of both. The best results often come from those of first generation litters. At this time, there is no official list of breeding facilities, so referrals from other owners are the most reliable sources for this.

Whenever possible, interested individuals should physically visit each facility that is being considered, and observe the housing conditions of the animals. This includes things such as where they sleep and eat, their outdoor access, and the area in which they are able to play. It is also an opportunity to learn about how they will be socialized, as this is something the puppies require as early as possible.

Having the individual history of each parent, and being able to view them in real time, is highly recommended. One should also take an interest in what the dogs eat, especially the mother, as her diet will have a direct effect on her puppies' healthy development. Most facilities will have a plan to de-worm and vaccinate the pups before they are sold to new owners.

Speaking directly with the provider about their experience with Cavachons, can help one decide which facilities are known for their quality. Gene pool diversity, and the frequency with which a female is bred, are two extremely important factors in getting great results. One should obtain contact information on three recent customers, and contact them to discuss how satisfied they are with their puppy and the entire transaction.

The most responsible breeding facilities are going to want to know about the people who intend to purchase their puppies. They may ask questions regarding other pets in the home, any children, if one has experience with this particular breed, and whether they intend to breed - or spayed/neuter - their pup. Because they care deeply for the animals, the breeder is likely to offer some helpful tips for raising and caring for them.

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