Saturday, December 3, 2016

4 Of The Most Intriguing Cat Facts

By Robin Setser

To say that cats are popular would be nothing short of an understatement. According to the most knowledgeable veterinarians, they are among the most common household pets in the world, even to the point where they beat out dogs in this sense. However, regardless of how much you might enjoy cats, there are some things about these animals you might not know. For the curious, here are 4 cat-related factoids to know.

One of the things to know about cats is that they sleep in order to gain and conserve energy. However, you might be interested to know that they can sleep for up to 15 hours per day, which is almost twice the recommended amount for two humans. When you see a feline sleep for extended periods of time, you shouldn't automatically assume that they're lazy or apathetic. As a matter of fact, they might simply be trying to save energy.

What about the agility that cats are known to have? Even though you might know that cats are graceful, being able to land on their feet in many cases, what you might not know is that they can leap up to five times their own height. As a result, they can easily reach otherwise hard-to-access areas. This includes everything from windowsills to kitchen counters. For felines, agility is part and parcel of their overall behavior.

According to companies like Assisi Animal Health, the taste buds that cats possess are different from other animals as well. For example, did you know that cats are unable to pick up on sweet tastes? What this means is that while a dog might be more than happy to dine on some beets with their food, cats won't find them as interesting. The taste buds of cats simply aren't geared the same way, which is another interesting fact for pet owners to know.

While cats might not be able to taste anything sweet, their other senses are difficult to ignore. For instance, you might not know that cats can detect ultrasonic sounds, which humans are incapable of doing. Their sense of smell is tremendous as well, allowing them to pick up on mice and food alike. Cats have a superior sense of touch as well, which is helped by their whiskers. Even though cats might not be able to taste anything sweet, their other senses make up for it.

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