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Before You Go Visit Breeders For Cavachon Puppies

By Patricia Fisher

You are probably reading this article out of much more than curiosity, since you are of the mind to getting a pet very soon in the form of a dog or puppy. Many of your friends may have suggested you get a dog from your nearest breeders for cavachon puppies in the area. Before you do make a commitment however, do read on in this article to give you some useful information regarding your decision.

Dog breeders were the ones responsible for this cross breed by mating the Bichon Frise with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel over several generations and years. As it is a cross between two very different breeds, you will get very much differing temperaments. You can either get a dog that loves to sit on your lap or one that cannot be bothered to give you the time of day and be very aloof.

Should the parental line be quite famous, and the original kennel be quite famous and known, the puppies can fetch quite a high price at up to eight hundred dollars. On average however, you can buy a cavachon puppy anywhere from between two hundred to five hundred dollars. Should you want to save a pretty penny, you can try your hand at trying any of several local animal shelters in your area.

This breed is also growing in popularity due to the quality of their fur. It is known that their fur is generally hypoallergenic so many dog lovers who have allergies will be drawn to them because of this. One should however give a trial period of at least a month with this breed before making a final commitment to see if any concomitant allergies develop.

In terms of housebreaking it, the prospective or new owner of this dog will find it quite a challenge if comparing to other breeds. Many dog owners know that indoor dogs must be housebroken, if they are to stay a majority of the time inside residences. Many say that the crate method of housebreaking is best for the cavachon. In any case do make more research on this method so you can be properly prepared.

At the age of eight months and onwards, the cavachon will need to have a bit of regular grooming as its fur is prone to matting and tangling as it gets older. While they are younger however, they should get used to regular brushing regimens to ensure good behavior at the groomers later on when they get older.

As with any breed, nutrition and diet will also hold prime importance. This breed is not a heavy eater and is a sporadic eater at best. It will require at least two full meals a day for it to be healthy, plus plenty of water. Of the small breeds, if taken well cared of, it can reach a maximum of 17 years lifespan.

This article hopefully has given the reader some facts about the cavachon that he or she may need to know before making a final obligation and commitment. Although there are many more items to consider, these basic facts should assist in helping a prospective owner with a final decision.

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