Monday, December 26, 2016

Facts About French Bulldog Breeders

By Ruth Jackson

The dog breeding industry has become very lucrative over the years, prompting entry of many breeders. Some of these breeders are barely experienced or knowledgeable about the exercise of breeding dogs. Usually, all that attracts them to the industry is the money that is associated with it. As a result, it can be very challenging to find good French bulldog breeders. One has to do some research in order to find good breeders.

Dog shows presents the best way for US citizens to find responsible breeders. Dog shows are attended by professional dog breeders from various places in the country with a view to learn more, showcase their dogs, and to meet potential buyers. The marketplace offered by the American Kennel Club is also another source of information concerning professional in the field of dog breeding.

One can find additional information about a specific breed from parent clubs of the breed in question. Parent clubs usually have websites that offer information. Most of them also have several offices spread across the US. One may also visit the offices of the AKC club around the country to get more information. In order to be better placed when meeting a breeder, one should do some research of their own in advance.

As mentioned above, some breeders only breed for the money because they have other jobs. They have other workplaces where they are employed full-time and dog breeding is only a part-time job. Breeders who do this may not be very receptive and it is unlikely that they have puppies ready for sell over a short notice. Such people should be avoided, and instead effort invested in finding knowledgeable breeders with a lot of experience.

After coming in contact with probable breeders, one should arrange to inspect their premises. While on the visit, it is important to ask to see the parents of the puppies one is considering to acquire. This helps to understand the temperament and appearance of the puppies when they grow to maturity. There are other options that one should consider if they are not pleased with the parents.

One should request to take a tour around the premises to see the conditions under which the breeding occurs. A good premises looks clean and does not have any odors. The puppies and their parents should also be clean and well-fed. Any signs of malnutrition such as protruding rib cages should be given close attention. Signs of disease to look out for include lethargy, coughing, and runny eyes/nose among others.

The interaction between the owner and the dogs needs to be observed closely. Owners that provide good care will have the dogs embrace them instead of running away. Such dogs also become outgoing and easy with everybody that they come in contact with. One should go for puppies that are not too timid and not too aggressive either.

The breeder should be able to provide documents about the health of the puppies and their parents. They should also explain the various genetic diseases that are likely to affect the breed one is interested in and how that can be managed. Certificates to verify that the dogs have been screened health-wise must also be provided.

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