Sunday, December 18, 2016

What You Did Not Know About Hay Delivery CT

By Richard Meyer

Animals need constant supply of food just like human beings. However, it is very hard to do this when there are no rains. That is why making hay is very crucial while there is enough of it. Nonetheless, it has to be harvested, stored and transported well for it to be of any benefit. Given below are practical tips in hay delivery CT.

It should be cut when there is no much moisture in the air. This means that the sugar levels are high and also the proteins. It takes a longer time for it to grow. However, it should be dried before packaging to minimize the moisture. When it is packed while still wet it will end up rotting.

Farmers who specialize in the product need to follow weather forecasting keenly. The report should be used in making harvesting decisions. Ensure the day will be sunny enough to allow for complete drying of the materials. Also, the harvesting has to come before weather elements which can be disastrous.

The materials are very bulky. Therefore, you will have to get a very large space. However, this is highly dependent on how much you will be harvesting. The space should also be secure and airy to make sure the quality of the hay is preserved. If this is the case, it can go for a very long duration without spoilage. Also, make it into small, square bales. They do not occupy a lot of space and they accommodate much. Nonetheless, they take a lot of time and effort to cast.

Marketing of the material should start in good time. When do this at a commercial level, you should have clients ready because you are sure eventually the hay will become ready for harvest. All you will have to do then is deliver the product. When you wait until the last minute to start doing this, you will have a lot of work to do.

The transportation manner also matters. When the bales are damaged on transit, the customer might refuse to buy or even opt to pay less. Thus, get a reliable vehicle and crew that knows how to take care of the materials until it gets to the final customers in a good shape.

The cost can be high when you have to serve clients who are very far from the production area. However, do not offer to cater for the charges on your own if you suspect that you will have to dig very deep into your pockets to make this happen. Ensure you are making reasonable profits in doing this. Do not be shy to ask the client to pay for a certain percentage of the work. Also, you can invest in trucks to facilitate this.

Deliveries should be made in a timely manner in order to avoid conflicts with the customers. When you make promises you cannot keep then you will be taken for a liar. It is not a word you need people to use to describe your character when you are in the business world. Therefore, communicate with the customers and let them know about the hiccups which come up in the process of transportation. Also, you ought to find a away to make up for the delays.

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