Monday, January 16, 2017

A Checklist To See If You Can Bring Up Blue Pitbull Puppies

By Rebecca Green

A breed that is fast growing in popularity, whether for positive or for nefarious reasons, is the pitbull. One of the rarer kinds of pitbulls is the blue pitbull, since the color is a recessive trait that hardly shows up and requires selective breeding. As with any pet it takes a lot of responsibility to bring up and take care of blue pitbull puppies. Finish reading this article to see if you have the basic requirements to take care of a pitbull.

In the beginning you should really ask yourself if you have the time to and the patience to train this specific puppy. Pitbulls in general have an important need to be trained and to be socialized as they are in general very aggressive. Ask yourself if you have the time and energy to attend puppy training classes. Training for this breed can actually be lifelong, so as to offset any possible erratic or latent behaviors from cropping up. Time with this breed, and lots of it, is very much needed.

Look at your current lifestyle and see if you can adjust. Should you live in a small apartment remember that these dogs do not live well in cramped conditions so cross it off if you do not have a sizeable home to keep it in. They require plenty of space, at least a fenced in yard, and a lot of daily runs, not just walks. Apart from time, you need plenty of energy for this breed. Cross it off your list should you lack energy and space for it.

Another issue that can crop up is If you have small children, or even children for that matter in your home. The pitbull has to be trained very well to handle socialization with children as they can sometimes be rough and these dogs can over react which will lead to injuries. They need to be supervised all the time if they are to be with children.

It is also prudent to check for local ordinances that may affect your ownership of this dog. Some municipalities, or even cities as well as neighborhood associations frown on pitbull ownership. Make sure that you have pitbull friendly ordinances that will not hamper your taking care of one.

Once every thing checks out for you in terms of basic requirements and considerations to own such a dog, then it may be time that you should visit a local kennel or a nearby one. A good kennel will provide you a list of references for previous owners as well as lineage of the puppy at hand.

A physical and ocular inspection of the kennel is very much recommended. Make sure that the place is very clean and animals are well taken cared of. Attitude of people running the place should be positive and any dog lover can spot this a mile away.

In sum this article has given a sort of checklist in seeing if you are prepared or adapted to getting this dog as a pet. There are many other considerations also that you must research on the dog itself such as personality, health, traits, and others that are of importance.

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