Saturday, January 14, 2017

Do Not Visit Your Cavachon Breeder Just Yet Before Reading This

By Carol Stone

Before you came to start reading this article you would probably have been across some signs or advertisements showing dogs or cavachons for sale. In fact you may have a mind to visit your local cavachon breeder to get yourself a puppy. However, before committing to this breed it may be a good idea to finish reading this article first.

The breed you have an eye on is a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the former being a non sporting dog while the latter is a sporting breed. As such they are very much at opposite ends of the temperament scale, and it will be a crap shoot on what kind of temperament the dog will have later on in life. It can either be playful and friendly or hard headed and aloof. Its true colors can only be seen in adulthood.

Average prices for this breed will be in the range of two hundred to five hundred dollars. If coming from a top breeder or champion kennel, it can reach up to over six hundred dollars, even more so if coming from champion parents. Should you not want to spend too much money, you can always try the local shelter to try your luck.

Discipline in terms of house breaking this dog may come as a bit of a challenge. This one will take a bit longer to housebreak when compared to other breeds and you may find yourself at your wits end. Many more experienced owners however say that the crate method works best for this breed, so it pays to research this method beforehand on the internet.

This dog will have slight wavy coats that are very silky and soft to the touch. It will generally come in three common colors of white, apricot, and white with tan and black markings. If the dog you get is closer to the first generation it will tend to shed much less. Also you should give it a bath at least every six weeks and make sure that you brush its fur regularly, optimally daily if possible.

The cavachon will have a few health concerns but manageable to say the least. Due to its fairly thick fur it will be prone to flea allergies. It will also will develop heart murmurs as it progresses in age. Make sure that its ears will be cleaned at least once a week for it will tend to get infected due to it being much hairier than most dog ears.

An advantage of this dog is its size. Since it is small it is quite capable of small space living as is needed in urban situations. It also does quite well as a travelling companion and also does well living on the road especially recreational vehicles.

In sum this article has shown you some ideas about this breed and some basic information you can use to make a final decision if needed. However, it will not hurt to research some more so you will know if this is the breed for you or not.

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