Thursday, January 19, 2017

Information To Know Before Buying Siberian Kittens West Virginia

By Carl Russell

If you are a cat lover, which no doubt you are since you are reading this article, then you will know about the Siberian. This cat from the Russian and Siberian taiga has always figure in Russian folktales for the past 1000 years and it is known for its long and protective coat. If you are in West Virginia and you have seen a Siberian kittens West Virginia for sale sign, then do read on in this article for some more information regarding this breed.

The breed is also known as the Moscow Semi Longhair, and their characteristic fluffy and long coats keep them warm in severe sub arctic conditions. They were formerly bred as hunters of small rodents on farms and houses out in the wilderness.

This cat has quite a high energy level and it will keep its high energy it entire life. Many will say that this cat is eternally youthful, and even speculate that it has sipped from the fountain of eternal youth, since it is playful even though it is quite grown up. It takes a while for it to mature, up to five years in fact.

The cat of this breed will almost act like a dog in many respects, in that it wants to be involved in every activity and it will also always follow you around unlike other cats. When it is happy or pleased it will chirp like a small bird, quite unique for a cat. It also loves to be around or neat water so it goes without saying that it will pose no problem when it is bath time.

Every breed will have some peculiar health issues and Siberian is no exception. It will usually develop some kidney related issues as well as some related to the heart. For the latter the common issue is heart enlargement. However, such conditions can be tempered and even minimized if one puts the cat on a strict diet as it does love to eat. Regular checkups with the vet will not hurt either.

Keeping it spic and span is not an impossible task, as it does love water as mentioned earlier. Shampooing it may be a bit of an ordeal as it has water resistant fur. In addition its fur is resistant to matting and tangling so this is another added plus, though it is recommended to have regular brushings.

Apart from the advantage of fur that is not prone to matting or tangling, the fur of the Siberian is widely accepted as being hypoallergenic. Thus it will also have a lesser possibility of triggering any allergies and such. Despite this accepted fact, it is still a wise move to give a live in trial period of at least a month to see if any allergies are triggered or not.

Once you have reached a decision to getting this particular cat, then do look for a breeder or trader who has a good reputation in selling this particular breed, This is because some will sometimes sell you a Maine Coon or even a Norwegian Forest Cat that do look a lot similar to this one.

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