Sunday, January 8, 2017

Points To Think About Before Getting A Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

By Carolyn Howard

Most individuals are getting puppies more than before for companionship purposes. A dog is a pet that is found in very many households. This is the reason it is termed as a best friend to man. There are very many dog breeds and each one they have its unique characteristics, different from the others as well as the behavioral traits. Before deciding on one type of dog, make sure you understand well their traits, and you can live with them. Below are a few common traits you will find in toy Australian shepherd puppies for sale.

When these dogs are fully grown it is about 13 inches and below with the weight of approximately 20 lbs. The dog can be found in many colors the common ones being black, red, red merle, blue merle some of them with white markings. You can make a choice from the many colors available depending on your preference.

They have a medium length coat that is very resistant to harsh weather conditions and their fur being wavy or straight. Some of them have fair manes that are very noticeable in the male dogs. They also have different undercoats that change based on the climatic conditions prevailing in the locality that the dog stays or grows up in.

The Australian shepherds are brilliant breed and therefore are very easy to train. Most of them are very loyal to their masters, therefore, can make excellent companions are not very easy to mingle with and when it comes to strangers, the pet can be very reserved. You should make sure training starts early enough if you want them to cooperate otherwise they may not be willing to train when fully grown.

These pets are well behaved and will not cause any trouble unless someone provokes them to act irrationally. They will defend their masters with so much enthusiasm if given a reason to. They are self-motivated to protect the master as well as his property.

Sometimes you will notice that the dog does not want to be disturbed. Maybe you wanted to train it or take a stroll and find that it is grinning or squinting the eyes, you should know that it is not ready for that. This type of breed is very active and leads and active life, but with that, it can also be choosy when it comes to taking instructions during training.

Just like the other dog breeds, this one needs brushing at least twice every week. Frequent brushing will help in reduction of shedding and more so, for the Australian shepherd that sheds a lot. The extra energy with the puppy should be shed off with regular exercises.

Before you take the dog home, you have to make sure you have taken it from a reputable breeder. Make sure your breeder in reliable and has made your pet through all the necessary immunization vaccines. Find out whether the company is registered with the national society for the breeders. That way you will be sure you are taking your pet from a serious breeder, and you are not like to be disappointed in the end.

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