Monday, January 2, 2017

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Frenchie Dog

By Martha King

Owning and looking after a pet is a great thing. Pets give one comfort and companionship over a long period time, just as with human relationships also. Many have enjoyed pets and perhaps you should do also in the way of a frenchie dog. Many of your Ohio friends may have recommended that you get one and you are thinking hard about it. Do however read this article before you commit

The term frenchie is basically one that is tagged to the French bulldog. In history this breed can trace its bloodline all the way down to the mastiffs used in bull baiting in ancient Greece. They were widely dispersed by Phoenician traders all around Europe during the popularity of the sport. When the sport was outlawed, unemployed mastiffs were converted to pets and household companions. It is rated 6th most popular dog breed by the American Kennel Club.

In terms of personality, the frenchie will have a playful and adaptable personality, and it is also quite smart. It can be quite an attention monger however, and it will demand more than its fair share of attention or what it feels it is entitle to. Lacking this attention, it will let out a sort of ululating sound that has popularly come to be known as the French death yodel.

One the energy scale many will rate this breed as a medium. Despite this, it is quite capable of not moving around the whole day and is quite happy in small and constricted spaces. Thus it is a boon to have in small space living such as condominiums and apartments. It should be given at least thirty minutes daily walk so it can stretch it legs and let go of some stress.

This breed, though similar to the English bulldog, is very much smaller. It has a smaller body with a fairly much wider girth and smaller legs. Its ears are perennially erect making it somewhat look like a bat. It also does not have the same temperamental alpha male tendency and so it is much safer to keep with other small animals and also with children.

Its unique physical makeup gives it a small and compact airway. Couple this with its snub pug nose and it does have problems with temperature regulation. It cannot live well in extreme temperatures such as hot or cold, and this is of course made worse by its very thin coat of fur. If you do live in extreme temperature climates this is a dog that is not for you.

The lifespan of this dog is very short for a dog, around eight to ten years only. As such it can still be extended with some proper care and maintenance, and also very importantly good nutritional practices. Your vet should be able to help in this regard.

In total these are just some basic things that one should look at in terms of this particular breed. There are of course other things to know about this dog, which of course you should also look into to give you a more informed decision.

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