Friday, January 20, 2017

What You Need To Know For Egyptian Maus Kittens For Sale

By Sharon Ellis

Cats have their own class of people who truly appreciate them and care for them in homes. The feline persuasion is something else, and those who know it know exactly what they want with their cats. For those continuing aficionados or beginners, there are some things that need to be known and understood when it comes to buying up a young feline from any of the certified breeders.

A breed of cat is currently enjoying some popularity among cat lovers, and they have quite unique qualities. These cats probably derive their ancestry from more ancient breeds, their uniqueness deriving from their being the only spotted breed available for owners today. Egyptian Maus kittens for sale are in demand with many breeders and owners, and recognized by many experts on breeding.

After the decision to buy a Mau kitten is done, there are a few things needed in order to prepare a home for it. The owner to be has to have certain instructions pertaining to the care and grooming of their prospective pets. A house, too, has to have items that are connected to the way a cat is supposed to live, and this can be as a house pet that could not go outdoors

Plus, good research will do very well as to how the Maus should be handled with regards to all their unique traits. Good news for beginners is that there are not too many items that need to be specially prepare for. The breed is like all other cats, in general and an owner with experience will not have any problem adjusting to one in the house.

Also, some good contacts with recognized breeders is needed. One of the better organizations that can provide good info is the National Egyptian Mau Club. All people are quite welcome to information about their beloved Maus, and there are also certified masters with good tips for you.

A responsible owner also should take care of the vaccinations and other shots relevant to domestic cats. The better breeders will have done these and have papers to prove it. Beginners especially need to know a lot about kitten health, nutrition, the foods that should be fed to it, training, toys and other things to make it grow into a healthy specimen of cat.

The Mau coat is short and is very easy to maintain, while their coat spots are natural. The ideal colors for them are darker spots against a lighter background, with markings that make them look like small civet cats or very small cheetahs or leopards. However, they are among the gentlest of breeds.

The kitten will be a bit shy with strangers but are not very hard to please, especially if his or her master is attentive. One disadvantage for taking care of the kitten is that it is sensitive to negative behavior and clueless kids might make it run away. In all else, they are the perfect home companions who are easy to train.

They are are the same with the happiest pets, forming strong bonds with people who care for it all the time. A male of the breed can reach 12 lbs while the female Mau can grow to 6 or more lbs. The kindest owners will be rewarded by loving pets.

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