Friday, February 17, 2017

4 Reasons To Adopt Black Cats

By Robin Setser

Even with Halloween far behind us, black cats still catch a bad rap. It's largely due to the idea of them being bad luck that they're not adopted nearly as often as they should be. They are actually quite beneficial to any household, which I'm sure that longtime pet owners will tell you. For those that would like to learn more about the selling points of black cats as pets, here are 4 of the most striking you should make note of.

Companies like Assisi Animal Health will start off by telling you that black cats are overlooked in animal shelters. While other animals are chosen by families, it seems like the aforementioned felines are passed over. What this means is that, by following the adoption process, you'll be able to adopt a black cat of your very own. Simply put, you can give this animal the home that they are looking for.

Next, black cats tend to be euthanized more so than other pets. For example, is a shelter were to offer one thousand black cats, about two tenths would actually be adopted. This results in cramped shelters, which is where the aforementioned euthanasia unfortunately comes into play. When you adopt this type of feline, not only do you provide them with a loving home but you're saving their life in the process.

Some people adopt black cats because of their aesthetics. When you consider that their black fur often comes with striking eyes, there's a contrast that cannot be overlooked. You should also know that when these cats shed, their fur will not stand out like individual sore thumbs on black furniture. While cosmetics seem like small potatoes in the bigger picture, you can be certain that they make a difference.

Lastly, it should be noted that, in some cultures, black cats are often regarded as good luck. This might be hard to believe, but all you have to do is look at Japan and how highly they seem to regard these felines. Why else would the cat statue with its paw up, almost known as the maneki-neko, be so popular? Even though black cats are often associated with bad luck, their connections to good luck shouldn't be overlooked.

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