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Steps On Becoming Responsible French Bulldog Breeders

By Carolyn Kennedy

French bulldogs are becoming popular nowadays and this is because they are loving, have low maintenance, and city friendly lifestyles. The bulldogs are known as well for being intelligent, small, and playful, having adorable short muzzles and as well as bat ears. They are becoming in demand right now, and thus, some breeders have now been taking irresponsible and cheap ways to generate these bulldogs.

These actions could be illegal, making them not a reputable breeder. Becoming one will require that dogs must be placed first before any profits through taking good care of the litters, becoming rigorous to customer interactions, and practicing some good techniques on breeding. The following are some simple methods on becoming responsible being French bulldog breeders Missouri.

To find the foundation stocks of breeding. Choose the right female dog. Make sure that what you have obtained is healthy and has the parents who are certified with their health. Having the certification will show the history is free from having genetic defects and also if parents were used with some established pedigrees. These can help to ensure quality lineage.

Finding the right stud. According to some, it would be better to seek out services for the male dog than having your own. You may search for them in dog shows and as well as in breed publications. But you also need to make sure that they come from reputable breeders. Set the breeding terms with the owner and do some negotiations.

To breed a female dog. The mother must be taken for some veterinary check ups for ensuring she is healthy for pregnancy. Vaccinations such as canine distemper and as well as parvovirus are important. Better check also if she does not have intestinal worms, heart worms, or other parasites and diseases. Prenatal supplements would be recommended such as vitamin E, folic acid, and iodine.

Fertility cycle must be tracked. Through this, you can know when is the right time to have the effective breeding. You can determine easily when she in heat since she starts spotting and will be displaying some irritable behaviors. The veterinarian can tell and confirm that she starts ovulating. And if confirmed, start the breeding. When pregnant, pamper her by making sure she is well hydrated, clean, and well nourished always.

To care for them and to sell them. A whelping box is where the litters are placed after being born. Soft and clean bedding should be provided and good source of heat. Monitor them always. The mother must also be placed with them in the box and watching them over constantly maybe required.

Feed the puppies very well. After the puppies are born, feed them immediately and do this after every 2 to 4 hours. Make sure they are defecating and urinating properly. These type of bulldogs do no know how pee and to poo when born. So the mothers are going to stimulate these actions by licking on their genitals and their anuses after every mealtime. If mothers cannot be able to do this, do it by wetting some cotton balls and rubbing them to the genitals.

Usually, puppies are being sold when they reach the age of eight to ten weeks old. The age is enough that they become healthy and well socialized. However, this may still be very young to experience attachment problems like adjusting to the new home. Be sure that you have taken them to the veterinary for ensuring the puppies have healthy conditions and free from some defects.

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